Best game trains

I was so smitten by this adorable locomotive when I booted up Ihatovo Monogatari that I knew I needed to start this thread.


Time for IC forum members to bite the bullet and express themselves by posting their favorite video game trains. I don't care what game engine it is or whether or not it was a sleeper hit, as long as the thread stays on track. Bonus points for terrible train puns, if only because it will help dilute the crippling embarrassment I am bracing for as I type this!

Thanks for starting the thread! Excited to have some train thoughts to chew on! I apologize if I’m speaking out of station, because I know just referencing smash bros can fill heads with steam, but I’m a real sucker for the fight scene on a moving train. The comic danger of going flying from falling off a the platform might even be the ticket for having a good time with this game. I also find that it’s particularly conductive for imagined and headcannoned drama between the off-the-rails roster opponents who otherwise would have nothing to do with each other.

While the locomotive itself in the game is nothing special, Factorio overall is an act of religious devotion to the train

@jaws#28136 My mental state is terminal after reading this trainwreck, but nonetheless this response is just the ticket!

For my money it's the opening train from Quadrilateral Cowboy

but also the final level, which I could talk about if I knew how spoiler formatting worked

These are taken from my clock project but enough about that I don’t want to derail the thread.

@marlfuchs2#28150 Oh please do! Just put two pipe characters before and after the spoiler text (shift+backslash, like this “||”)

Gunman Clive has a really cool train level where the boss fight is the locomotive


This isn't about the train itself, but I thought it was really cute how whenever you and your rival traveled to a new town in Pokémon Sword/Shield, it showed you sitting and looking at your phones together

@ana-yipyip#28162 Whoa, that‘s awesome! This reminds me of the “Bury My Shell at Wounded Knee” stage from TMNT: Turtles in Time, which took place on the Foot Clan’s locomotive (because that's a thing??)


That boss _also_ reminds me of [Mr. Machine]( and [Robosaurus](, so bonus points for that!

Goldeneye, baby!!!

I knew I was forgetting a really cool one - in Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin, there's a tunnel where once you get halfway through, a train barrels down and shoves you back into the previous screen, so once it hits you have to call your partner and push together against it until it stops

Suplex. A. Train.

I liked Cuphead's train

There was a level in the middle of this cutscene in the Japanese version, but it was so heavily text-based that they didn't bother localising it. I like it better this way.

chulip is great in how the train has specific route times, that go to different areas with different fares and also has the best scene

persona 5 as well as others in the series have them throughout and so does kenka bancho as well as buses

the train in twilight Town has 2 of the best scenes in the game

@Nemoide#28174 I wonder if this isn't a little FF6 reference?

@billy#28177 If that puppy were not immediately shown to be OK after that debacle I think I might have had to delete this entire thread!