Best game trains


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I'm pretty sure it's a direct reference to that train. That game is full of tongue in cheek references to the developers favorite games as a kid. The last level is an admitted rip off of the last level from Gunstar Heroes.


In Metal Slug 2 the entirety of level 3 is on a train and that's a lot of fun.

@ana-yipyip#28162 keeping the “cowboy train” theme I just remembered that wild guns also has a train stage, a futuristic space train


And theres also Ticket To Ride which is kind of a stretch because it is a boardgame, but the xbox 360 version was developed by Next Level Games so that's something.
It's a fun casual board game about trains, and my mom loves it, she plays it all the time on her ipad.[URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]

電車でGO! !


Gravity Rush has a cool train that feels sort of like a hang out, you can't enter the train for in game reasons so you have just hop on the roof.

Trains are a recurring theme on Super Mario 3D World and Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker and they are pretty chill.[URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]

@ana-yipyip#28195 Yesss, now I can scratch Densha de Go! and the train suplex off of my bingo card for this thread!

Im having too much fun with this threat and I cant believe I forgot about Mini Metro, which is a delightful little game

sorry for posting too much in this threat I just can't stop thinking about game trains and I keep remembering more

@billy#28148 another mario kart train

It seems impossible to search for online but I always liked the train in Dr Kawashima's Brain Training™: How Old Is Your Brain?

I believe it is the 3rd or 4th level of speed when completing a task. I might try and take a picture later if no one can find it.

I did it! This took a while, I thought I could do it with Calculations x20 but could only reach car speed. I overshot it on Syllable Count and got flying speed, luckily Head Count is calculated on speed and 3 is a good result.

Apologies for the blurry photo my phone's camera is not fast enough to capture the speed of this train.

Train games and game trains are great! When I learned PICO-8/Lua, I made a train game as my first real project.


@Just_Walli#28178 persona 5

I **love** the trains in Persona 5. I love the way you tap your transit pass on the wickets and casually walk through.

@ana-yipyip#28195 Thank you for posting this so I don't have to. I learned how to emulate PS1 games because I bought a copy of _Densha de Go 2_ for PS1 at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo a few years back. It is super hard and super relaxing at the same time.

_Control_ has a sub-level centered around the "Eagle Limited" train that had... an incident.

_Final Fantasy VII_ (1997) has a really good train graveyard. It's a short dungeon where you move some trains to get some passages open and get some simple items. I really enjoy the mood of it though.
The rest of _FF7's_ trains are only "OK".

_Final Fantasy VII Remake's_ re-imagined train graveyard is a whole episode in the game and is a bit overlong.

It has an additional repair center that ends with a bunch of elemental immune monsters with tight timing windows. Looks pretty, but isn't my favorite train.

This is one of the most distinct video game train memories I have. I got pretty emotional about it.

Stages 8 and 9 of Alien Soldier take place on a train

When I first booted the unreleased Gameboy Color port of Hajimari no Mori on my stock gameboy color, the train rolling into station in the intro was a beautiful experience to behold.

Speaking of Gameboy Color Trains: Densha de Go! on gameboy color is the single largest officially released gameboy color ROM, and includes full FMV / anime sequences of trains.

Trails of Cold Steel title screen has my two favorite things:

  • 1. The main party chilling together on a train
  • 2. It changes as you progress through the game
  • gaming events like Evo and Games Done Quick usually have some of the best hype trains.

    @p3ters#28582 The 8-4 Play podcast has also featured some rollicking E3 hype trains!

    Big fan of the Excess Express from Paper Mario TTYD

    @sabertoothalex#28558 first I‘ve seen of this game. Is Falcom back?? Falcom’s back y'all!!