Best handhelds and games for vacation

We should do a psp episode though - as you‘ll hear in the last ep, I just found out about gunpey-R - I haven’t tried it yet but the psp is like a secret graveyard of final entries in various game series (ridge racer, gunpey, R-type tactics, parasite eve, etc). Granted they're not all good, but they are notable! Two entire yakuza games, for example!

I have a PSP Go that is still my favorite form factor for travel. It’s small and light, has a cool library of games, you can mod them to take 128 GB Micro SD cards, they’re passable emulators, and there was a good selection of PS1 games available on PSN.


@“bwood”#p119932 wipeout pure!!

@“gigazol”#p120078 I was going through the PSP library and thought about getting this. I remember wanting to love Wipeout on the Saturn but was frustrated with how the car would grind on the sides of the track. I should give Wipeout a try on the PSP.

@“exodus”#p119943 Yeah, I want to know what you recommend for jrpgs. I loved that intro you made a few weeks back about how a game scores a “7,” and every minus reviewers had were plusses in your book. My knowledge of PSP games is pretty vanilla. Crush might be the only game I enjoyed that wasn't so mainstream. Maybe Giteroo Man Lives?

@“bwood”#p119932 I haven‘t played it yet but I downloaded Gungnir on my Vita literally today. It originally came out on the PSP, it’s a trpg, it‘s published by Atlus, and I only know about it because I’ve watched a couple of videos regarding the Dept. Heaven series.

Now I'm wondering if I should track down a copy of Knights in the Nightmare...I don't think the DS is region locked.

going camping tomorrow and just downloaded dragon quest 5 for inevitable times i wake up earlier than everyone else.

a chill turn-based rpg is pretty great for relaxing on vacation.

@“exodus”#p119943 FWIW Gunpey R came out right alongside a DS Gunpey game, also by Q Entertainment, and that's a completely different game again—the PSP version goes for a lesser version of that Lumines-es mid-'00s chic, whereas the DS version goes for the more conventional puzzle game pop look with overdesigned anime characters and so on.

Bandai-Namco tried to bring it back on smartphones a few years ago but it was a massive flop that only lasted a few months.

@“gsk”#p120614 yeah, when I got home I sadly discovered that gunpey-R is just the Japanese name for the psp gunpey, and otherwise identical. I had thought it was a secret second psp gunpey! Oh well! I do have the ds version as well.

@"bwood"#p120112 off the top of my head:

  • - brave story. A straight ahead, very basic but very nice rpg from Game Republic which to me is almost the platonic ideal of a 3d jrpg. It does everything how you'd expect, doesn't get in your way, has an inoffensive story as I recall, isn't difficult, looks nice, and has some cute minigames.
  • - Jeanne d'Arc. Streamlined traditional tactics rpg with some fun mechanics where if you're wearing your armor of god and kill an enemy, you get another turn. It makes for a fun playstyle where you can use every other character to wound enemies, activate your sentai god powers, and then clean up everything with your powered up buddies.
  • - riviera. Best on wonderswan (lol) but this is a good enhanced port of a sting rpg, very hardcore about movement management and other things but streamlined in different ways, and a pretty neat experience.
  • - valkyria chronicles ii. Continuation of the excellent "real time" tactics rpg, now with more anime nonsense and more school aspects. Still very good!
  • - persona 1, 2, and 3 all have good versions here
  • - I'll let someone else describe the falcom trails games
  • There's tons more, and once I'm able to actually play hexyz force myself, I'll report on how it is.


    @“arp”#p119948 I have a PSP Go that is still my favorite form factor for travel

    This bears re-quoting. Got a PSP Go on a whim back when it was discontinued (had a PSP 2000) and love the thing. Great form factor, very light, good buttons (nub is actually usable), good screen (little ghosting vs earlier models, plus smaller so makes typical psp-dithering more pleasant), even hardware save-state so one can't lose progress due to battery dying.

    As for games, other of the lesser known I'd recommend is Patchwork Heroes, a cool Qix-like about scrapping giant battleships. Looks and sounds great, not very long and easy to pick up and play.

    I used to love traveling with the 3DS to get streetpass folks. I doubt there are many folks traveling with them these days making it a bit less exciting. The 3DS/DS design lends itself well to being tossed in a bag though.

    @“bnn”#p120654 kind of wild that this trailer for a Sony Japan Studio game, on the official sony youtube channel, from the time it was released 13 years ago, has sub-8k views.

    It was late on the system‘s life and, now that I think of it, EU PSN only (apart from JP UMDs as 100万トンのバラバラ), so probably flew under most people’s radar.

    @“gigazol”#p120078 Wipeout was the reason I bought my PSP-1000 at the time, imported via play-asia. It didn‘t come out here for a while later, and I would sit on the train playing wipeout with people trying to half-secretly look over my shoulder. I’d hear kids in school uniforms saying to each other things like “damn, that's like a ps2 in his hands”.

    @"bwood"#p119932 Lots of good recommendations in here already, but I'll add _Patapon_ to the list for now.

    For the last year or so, my go-to holiday game has been Ys. You can load up every ys (except 9) on a vita!

    The pacing lends itself to large and small play
    sessions, and the short length (compared to other jrpgs) makes for a great accompanyment to a short period of your life.