Best Inventory Packing Menus?

What’s your favourite inventory shuffling minigame?


Mine is the Disaster Report series and the different backpacks you find throughout the game.

It doesn’t have to be a grid inventory! Can you recommend anything more interesting than squares or a list?

The structure of the inventory itself isn't that interesting, but a particular sidequest makes this one unique:

A certain sidequest in Baten Kaitos Origins sees you being given a Pac-Man that will eat quest items from your inventory, so once you're given Pac you have to also indulge the metagame of not letting it eat or be positioned near quest magnus you want to keep, and/or boxing it in by using certain critical items that it won't eat; it levels up from Pac-Man to Pac-Land to Pac-Mania as it eats a certain number of magnus (which also change how it eats things in the inventory), and to complete its quest, you have to get it to eat all ~ 150 edible magnus in the game, which is a complete chore and not something most players can or will want to do.

Not even a minigame, but the original Animal Crossing‘s menu is so dynamic it can feel like it is. I remember once I was attacked by bees and I started saying “oh shit oh shit” while shuffling through my menu for my net, and my friend thought I was playing a frantic puzzle game. The secret that lets you drag a t-shirt into an invisible slot in the menu to change the bg is like nothing I’ve ever seen.

Basic as it might initially seem, I love the attache case from the original Resident Evil 4. I know it’s repeated in Village and the REmake, but the one from the OG has a certain appeal that hasn’t been replicated.

For starters, the objects in the case have a pronounced 3-dimensional appearance which is complimented by the depth of the case. It gives the impression that the in-game objects are actually being stored there. Also, I love how you can rotate any object completely. You can even put them upside down if you want to. I like how the grid is somewhat transparent too. Compared to the other games which have it really bright and noticeable. To top it off, Leon appears next to the case, changing his weapon to whatever you equip. Despite going into this separate menu, it does a great job of giving some continuity to switching weapons.

I had to grab this from a low-res youtube video but I like the solatorobo parts management menu. it was like wacky tetris and it felt great to fill in all the squares. I liked it so much we made a puzzle game prototype inspired by it, which is not playable anywhere!! honk


Wow, some amazing ones already!



Déjà Vu has different popup windows for nested containers, like pockets, wallets, etc. It has very mac-centric drag and drop windows and really made the most of the platform. >!Sadly I first played the Commodore 64 version.!<

@“gsk”#p117369 this idea of Pac-Man being an insatiable devourer is pretty inspired, and I love the idea of a chaotic storage unit. Imagine if you had to store rotting items and you had to wall them off, or maybe easily damaged items need protection from each side from soft objects.

@“treefroggy”#p117379 what is the invisible T-shirt inventory slot?! Just wearing it?


The background of the pause menu in animal crossing, the white polka dots on yellow background, is a t-shirt in the game. You can apply the texture from any t-shirt in the game over this to customize your menu background, for some really cool effects. The way to do it is super secret. You grab the clothing and carry it to the bottom right inventory slot, then go down one more slot. You will find an invisible slot there, drop the clothing and the texture is applied, while the previously used texture appears in your inventory as a clothing item.

Just want to say that none of the Diablo games have either good or interesting inventory management. Diablo 2 may have gotten the closest with the charms and runes that take inventory slots and confer stat buffs.

@“antillese”#p117711 I have mixed feelings about Diablo 2‘s runes/charms. It’s a novel concept so I like that but instead of risk vs reward, it becomes tedium vs reward because you end up having to go to town more often.

It's been awhile but are there any adjacency bonuses or is it the same boost no matter where in the inventory it is? Because if they took what they had and combined it with the base building in X-Com Enemy Unknown/Within (if that makes sense) then I think that could be a better system. Especially if it was a separate satchel just for runes and charms.

@"docky"#p117453 talk about a dumb moment, I had always heard that game referred to as a "macventure" but for some reason thought that just meant it was inspired by Mac games, not that it was one... That said, I played through it on NES a few years ago and it rocks; holds up well but I'm sure it's even better on computer.


@“Jonks”#p117713 it becomes tedium vs reward because you end up having to go to town more often.

Yeah, this is the issue. It gets reduced to a non-choice and just results in a smaller inventory.

Inkle's 80 Days has a little inventory packing minigame as you travel from place to place:

It is quite a simple grid based system with a minor wrinkle, in that you can take multiple suitcases with you. Having more suitcases limits your travel options - like you can take four suitcases on a train no problem, but not so much on a camel ride through the desert. Mostly you carry stuff to do a sort of buy cheap/sell high minigame where you rely on rumours to figure out the best place to sell an item - so it can play a big role in deciding which routes to take and which destinations to prioritize. Other items might make difficult journeys more comfortable/faster, timetables unlock more travel routes or some stuff is related to particular storylines.

Does pre-patch Half-Life Alyx letting you carry stuff around in a box count?

Has anyone tried Save Room? It looks like literally what this thread is talking about! General talk seems to be positive about it, but I was hoping IC might have a take on it.

My least favorite inventory shuffling mini game is starting a new save in Might and Magic 5 or earlier. There‘s a premade party of 6 already equipped with gear but if you go to the inn you can create your own characters except with no gear. So you have to move 6 people’s stuff on to 2 people, delete the gearless 4, add in your createds, move over the gear, and delete the last 2 people.