Best of PS2

my list was just the PS2 games i still own physical copies of:

Project Zero
Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy
Clock Tower 3
Burnout 3: Takedown
God Hand

A message of this public’s interest, rated EPC for - Everyone with a powerful enough PC - (mine’s 8 years old) after listening to the podcast. I wanted to share some real good versions of the PS2 games you made me love in the first place!

PCSX2 games have per game widescreen fixes, so thanks to the observation about God Hand’s camera being so up close in 4:3 limiting your view, i’ve been playing it in 16:9 since then and lord does it help with crowd control. I had been playing PS2 games faithfully in 4:3 rather than realising it was a limitation of their time in some cases, so thanks for being smarter once again.

Outrun 2006 C2C had a physical release in Europe for PC. A mod called Outrun FXT runs it in the resolution you want, adds rumble & force feedback, Arcade UI, lets you customise your route and even fixes your honk! A few things are broken: end of stage animations, the exhaust pops went missing along windows/direct X updates and to add bloom & lens flare effects you have put a file in the right place first ^^. I bought it second hand for 5€ years ago, but i’m sure it’s *much* cheaper on the internet *right now*. [](url)

Speaking of cheap i just found out arcade emulator TeknoParrot lets you play Lindbergh games along other difficult to access and more ‘recent’ arcade gems (After Burner Climax, Under Defeat HD+, Daytona USA & 3,...).
Outrun 2 SPDX runs fantastic (up to 4K) and looks better than the modded PC version; it misses the tyre smoke at the beginning of the stage (but that made me notice the car shifts its weight after that initial burnout comes to a halt: ) and has some audio issues now and then.. [](url)

Oh and Garouden Fist or Twist (can’t thank you enough for that recommendation either Brandon: i haven’t seen better animated 3D Muay Thai in any game and it being a grappling game it makes the clinching fantastic as well: ) runs buttery smooth emulated, compared to the frame drops i have on PS2.

Yeah garouden rules - it continues to surprise me that it‘s push/pull life bar and special attack mechanic hasn’t been parrotted elsewhere. We stole it for a puzzle game we never finished but it's such a good idea for competitive games, it feels like everyone would want to do it!

Yes! It’s what fighting in a ring/sparring is all about: getting the upper hand without immediately draining your stamina; creating & exploiting an opponent’s physical weakness & feeling confident or desperate enough to do an unconventional ‘super’. The game’s looks & system conveys it real good with its close up during hectic action and body damage with slower recovery on weakened limbs.

In comparison every other conventional fighting game has invincible robots whose hit points drains their battery & i guess only Mortal Kombat should have a lifebar lol.

Before knowing Garouden i even tried out some of those horrendous and slow UFC games for having body damage, but i sure do hated them real fast (& as much as the real thing thing).

Extremely late to this, but heck it:

Beatmania IIDX 8th Style (but all iterations are great)

Final Fantasy XII

Capcom vs. SNK 2

Disgaea: Hour of Darkness

Devil May Cry



Katamari Damacy

Shadow of the Colossus

Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction

I know there are plenty I'm forgetting, as my memory is awful, but the more I thought about it, the more I kept coming up with PS1 games! I guess PS2 hit me at a weird, growing-up-in-my-late-teens/early-twenties time so I had fewer game experiences.

... Relatively. I still spent most of my paychecks on games.

@steamyrobotlove#2339 What's Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction; never heard of it before.

Mercenaries was a series by Pandemic, which eventually closed down, though 35 of them went on to finish the studio's last game, Saboteur, which I actually quite enjoyed.

Basically they're quite a good third person shooting game developer, in the american sense, and Mercenaries was sort of the core of that.

I will always remember Pandemic for the VERY of the era Mercenaries 2 commercial

I don't think my brain can say "oh no" without conjuring this song.

@exodus#2366 i really liked that first game. Tried the 2nd one on PS2 recently and it's no good.

Another 3rd person shooter I forgot to put on my list was Freedom Fighters. From a simple time when ragdoll physics was the coolest thing.

wow, I‘d never seen that - uhhhhhhh whatever that song - was before. that’s quite something!

And I think goofy bad ragdoll physics will always beat top tier ragdoll physics in terms of having a cool time with a video game.

Yeah, I really enjoyed the focused card-system of the first. It was also a great example of a tight, “confined” open-world environment.

I'm always turned off by GTAs or other similar open world games. The promise of innumerable possibilities usually boils down to drive here and shoot this. Mercenaries seemed more honest about its possibility space, plus the world wasn't gargantuan so getting from A to B wasn't a huge hassle, at least from what I remember.

What a lovely thread.

Nobody else mentioned:
Wild Arms 4. This game is really overlooked, but it has a lot to recommend it. Lots of unusual platforming action in the dungeons, and a tactical hex grid-based battle system that's a great deal of fun. They kept the latter (new to this game) for the sequel but gutted the platforming, making this one unique. I'm very fond of it.

Galerians Ash. This is more or less kusoge (maybe we should have a kusoge thread??) but it's stuck with me for years. I wouldn't mention this if others hadn't already covered some really good games. It has mood and weirdness.

Shadow Hearts Covenant. Among the best RPGs for an RPG heavy platform, and certainly the best "FF-ish" one. Weird sense of humor, fun gameplay, likable cast, solid production values. Just a really pleasing game through and through.

I could wax about other games. Others have touched on this but the PS2, despite its massive popularity and a huge library of lots of solidly good games is just hard to love for some reason. I suppose I do love it though!


@chazumaru#1826 Kamiwaza

I don’t know if it’s a result of this thread, a friend of mine gushing about Ryū ga Gotoku Isshin!, or the recent release and praise surrounding Ghost of Tsushima, but I have been thinking a lot about Kamiwaza lately, digging up old write-ups I had perpetrated about the game around its release, and looking for interesting videos on the game.

I could not find any *superplay* or time attack worth sharing here, but I did find this charming and thorough presentation of the game in English, uploaded around six years ago on Youtube. If you don’t know about the game, it’s definitely worth a watch.

I didn't know this one at all! sure looks like a PS2 game. pretty silly as wellllllllllll

Also never heard of it, looks amazing!

I've been playing and loving _Evergrace_. Still feels very _King's Field_-like combat-rhythm-wise.

Just dropping this here because I want to play it so badly. I hope it leaks someday! The Umihara Kawase music is a nice touch by the uploader that adds a sweet and pleasant atmosphere while also drawing a brilliant comparison…

yo @“exodus”#3 , what are your thought on Chain Dive? That seems like such an Insert Credit game and the movement feels so goood

I've never played it!! I believe I bought it off one of the forum denizens recently, I should get into it.

@“exodus”#p35555 please do! i was absolutely blown away by how well it controls and feels, and by how I had never once heard about it in my entire life until I listened to this absolute magnum opus of a house track by TECHNOuchi

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