Best Surprise/Biggest Regret

What‘s the best surprise “find” you’ve ever made when going through old video games? Have you ever found a game that was surprisingly rare, or a console that was very valuable, or maybe just stumbled across a forgotten memory?

**In contrast, what's your biggest regret when it comes to games (etc) that you've let go?**

For me, a surprise was earlier today when repacking boxes of old video game stuff, I discovered a gamebody advance I gave to my wife (then girlfriend) for our very first Christmas together. It's a wonderful memory, [but also it turns out the damned thing is apparently pretty valuable!]( It's a Gamebody Advance Micro 20th Anniversary Edition, modeled after a Famicom. Pretty slick item.


My biggest regret is definitely when, in a fit of high school edginess, I sold my entire Genesis collection in order to buy a much smaller NES collection from Funcoland. God only knows what had gotten into my head. Included in that collection was an in-box copy of Crusader of Centy, Shining in the Darkness, and all sorts of other cool stuff. Probably not hugely valuable, but just a crazy trade.

When you buy a japanese cib and it still has the sticker insert fully intact and unused, and it wasn't in the listing :j

Being flat broke and stumbling upon copies of Bulk Slash and Shinrei Jusatsushi Taromaru in a drawer that I forgot I ever owned was a nice feeling, I tell ya what

someone's front yard last summer

Holy Smokers my dude! Incredible find!

I think Castle of Illusion might have been the first game I ever rented.

I was looking through game stuff at my parents‘ house a year or so ago and found my old Gameboy Camera, which is the limited edition gold Gameboy Camera that was only available through a mail-order deal in Nintendo Power. I, uh, didn’t realize how rare those are! Apparently they only made about 2,000 of them. Still had photos in it from middle school!

I‘ve dinked around with it, but the only machines I have that play Gameboy games are my GBA SP and DS Lite, which both load cartridges on the bottom, so I have to like hold it upside down in order to take pictures. This might actually be the game I’m most excited to play with on the Analogue Pocket!

I really wanted the the gold Zelda gameboy camera as a kid. As an adult, I once accidentally dropped my gameboy camera while riding a bicycle and it got run over by an SUV. I saved the PCB in the hopes that I can one day recover the photos– the battery is still attached so the SRAM is salvageable, just missing a capacitor and the camera itself. There were many legendary photos on there. That's probably my biggest gaming disappointment. Always related to losing saves or having stuff stolen/destroyed.

mine are all about suikoden. i found the prima strategy guide for the original suikoden in a box at Vintage Stock in Joplin, MO, for a few dollars. i didn't know at the time that it was rare but i loved the game so i grabbed it, then years later searched it on ebay out of curiosity and found that it goes for more than $100.

then at one point i found a copy of suikoden II (the game, not the guide) on the gamestop website for something like $60, which at the time it was already going for well over $100 on ebay. impossible to imagine this happening now. i believe it was local purchase only but i called the store and they agreed to mail it to me. of course the game goes for over $300 now, so that was a super lucky find. or we might call it a Rare Find (suikoden reference)

my biggest regret is somehow losing the suikoden II strategy guide, which also goes for over $100. could be at my parents' house somewhere but i can't find it :(((((((

I got a pretty inexpensive lot of NGPC stuff on ebay that included the console and a lot of really stellar games that are now quite expensive for </s>~100 bucks or so. That was pretty great.

Biggest regret is when I slept through the end of an auction that went really cheap that included a copy of Tenori On for wonderswan. Like literally 30 dollars. I mean we're talking undumped levels of rarity here, this thing never pops up on ebay even in individual auctions. It was an extremely small print run that only sold at art shows.

I also lost the disc (and only the disc) from my otherwise-complete copy of Chulip when I was moving out of my dorm. I've got the case, the manual, and the keychain, but no disc. Since then they've gotten to be really expensive as more people have become Kimura-heads. I probably wasn't going to play through it again anyway, but it had sentimental value and that sucks

@donrumata#10773 I had a roommate try to steal my chulip disc once. I made him give it back to me, and he threw it onto my desk, shiny side down. I got that game for $12 at goodwill. I sold it for $125 dollars on ebay.

Wild. Nice timing, @CidNight. I was about to make a similar thread because, over the weekend, I played Sonic Spinball for the first time, and realized that it rules. Despite owning a Genesis as a kid, I just never rented it because I thought I didn't care about pinball! Proving, once again, that kids are stupid.

Top Surprise / Regret has to be losing my original copy of Korg DS for the NDS, and then years later finding another copy in a Half Price Books.


Yeah sonic spinball is a jam, try to beat it if you can. the last level before the end is a bit of a hazing ritual.

I have a lot of stories like these where I pulled off a miraculous purchase by accident but it almost feels… braggy?? I don‘t know. So I’ll just share the story of when I was bored at the thrift store so I started looking at the crappy selection of xbox 360 games, and saw fable there, and opened it up and it turned out to be the hollywood video exclusive version of sonic adventure inside. I can't find the tweet where I showed this off, but I did find this one:

My biggest gaming regrets:

  • - (age 16)dropping my gameboy camera with an SRAM full of epic pics of both small town childhood adventures and big city tall bike riding escapades. In fact the way I dropped it was I was riding my roommates brakeless fixie with the seat up too high just absolute performance posture on this thing but I was trying to go no handlebars while taking a photo that time… it dropped, instantly got popped when an SUV straight ran that shit over.
  • - (age last year) having all my rare art books and mother 2 merch stolen in the mail
  • - (age 5) that time I lost my first ever game console, a blue gameboy pocket, by leaving it at the BBQ resturaunt in a re-used plastic wal-mart bag which I also kept my KFC zubat bean bag in. Basically, the ultimate 5-year old trainer setup.
  • - (age 18) That time my roommate saved over my Heart Gold file which had like 680 hours on it for his 14 minute save with his quilava he named "zombi" lmao
  • Last night I finished playing halfway through Dark Souls, specifically to capture footage of ||shooting Gwynevere and turning Anor Londo dark||, accidentally turned video capture off immediately before doing so - no way to get that scene to play again without restarting.


    @“CidNight”#p33698 damn, that really sucks, that was for the archaeology series yeah? Maybe you can use someone elses footage….

    @“treefroggy”#p33710 I’ve got a plan! I think it’ll work. From adversary comes creativity and alla that

    @“CidNight”#p33723 Marcus Aurelius owns

    There was a time Hyper Neo Geos were just big heavy old things companies were trying to get rid of, and I distinctly remember eBay sellers having multiple listings where you‘d get the motherboard and the entire set of games, all new, for some ridiculously cheap price. I regret not buying that but as I’ve now got my own and 3 out of the 4 fighting games made for the hardware I can‘t really say I’ve missed out.

    I have similar feelings towards selling a good chunk of my Japanese MD collection a few years ago: I wish I hadn't but as I put the money towards some other really cool games and I'm hardly short of things to play it doesn't sting as much as it could.

    I think I'm just aware of how lucky I am, really. The specific "nice gaming things" might shift and change over time, but I've always got "nice gaming things" at the end of it.