Big show change

even though i don‘t talk to him super often, i still consider myself friends with Tim and all of that. like a lot of other people here Tim’s work has been very influential and important to me over the years. so all of this does make me feel weird and sad. i just hope he‘s okay health wise (like both mentally and physically). my brain automatically jumps to the worst places because of having friends who have been in crisis before and also just been around some weird freak things that have happened. if it’s not one of those things than i obviously am bothered that this is the way he chose to handle the situation. but not really knowing any of that - i was pleasantly surprised to be asked to guest host again for this next episode, even though it‘s obviously not in the best of circumstances. i dunno. i’m sure the change will be weird but i'm glad the podcast is continuing forward regardless!

I’ll definitely keep listening and am proud of you all for working hard to make it work. I am worried about Tim. I mean I know I’m just some bozo on the internet who doesn’t actually know Tim in real life - but like so many here he’s an important person to me (in that sort of distant, Internet personality way). Anyway long story short I hope that he’s okay, healthwise - and if not that he knows we’re all thinking of him and rooting for him.

I said a shorter version of this on the Patreon also but just to reiterate here:

I like the show a lot and I will keep paying y'all to be able to do it. I think there's value in what you do. I also like this forum a lot and it feels good to be able to have a place where I can whine about the NieR remake and be taken seriously or read about a lot of stuff I frankly just don't know anything about. I've seen and learned a bunch here and I value this place. I very much hope Tim is okay and I know the impact this kind of sudden distance from a friend can have so I hope all three of you are also coping okay and working through this as well as you can. I'm excited to hear more of everyone and whatever guests you end up having come through! Fingers crossed for Austin Walker lol. Anyway I'm happy to give you my money every month and continuing to post semi-coherently here.

Austin is too busy for us right now, but SOME DAY!!

I think anyone who has come to enjoy the insert credit show over the past months and years has got to be cool with giving y’all the benefit of the doubt with finding your footing a bit. I’ll just echo that I came to the show through Tim, but I stayed for the retro esotericism I truly doubt is going away. Just hope everyone stays (at least relatively) happy and healthy!

P.S. Heather Alexandra please!

@sabertoothalex#18732 I think this is the best description of the podcast/forum. A community of folks talking and discussing a bunch of shit that most people wouldn’t give the time of day but we all care. This place is magic.

I‘ve been listening since the old iteration of the podcast, and while it was through Tim Rogers that I initially became aware of the podcast (via his essays/reviews rather than his videos), I enjoy the perspectives of all of the members, and the vibe of the show in general. It’s one of 3 or so podcasts I regularly listen to, and I certainly plan to continue listening. The rotating guests sounds like a good format.

I'll keep listening to the show for as long as you want to keep making it.

I hope Tim is okay.

I‘m just a person who listens to a thing, so I won’t say much beyond “hope things are alright for your friend” and “really glad you're carrying on with the show”. Excited for what comes next!

_edit:_ Just joined the Patreon for the first time! Between my **enormous** £2.83 donation and the slightly bigger pie slices you'll likely now receive, hopefully this helps you guys out. Would join at a higher tier, but I'm a self-employed person who legally isn't allowed to do his job at the moment, so yeah.

Wow, the forum is so active these days I somehow missed this! And the Patreon post as well!

I have been thinking about this since I was allowed to know and I just want to say that it really sucks that this happened, but that it also happened this way. I totally understand that Tim acted as a magnet for a lot of listeners (you basically have to check the introductions thread and see the amount of people that say they started listening to the podcast because of him), but I would like to think that while that may be the reason they _started_ listening to the podcast, it may not be necessarily the reason why they _kept doing it_. And in fact, I'm already seeing a lot of messages echoing exactly that!

In terms of this particular space, everyone contributing in the forums consistently does so because this is just a cool hangout place with a lot of diverse folks providing interesting insights in a variety of topics. Around here it's safe to say we weren't very Tim-dependent or Tim-centric. What I'm trying to say is that there are already examples and instances of this community growing and existing for more reasons than a single guest of the show, and while it may be depressing or scary to think about his absence moving forward, I think insert credit is definitely a case of more than the sum of its parts. That's the way it is for me, I like and have always liked the whole package.

**TL;DR** You have my full support, insert credit has become something I cherish and I want to see it grow and move forward. Changes are always scary but certainly they are not always bad!

Speaking of suggestions, and echoing @yeso#18684's request of wanting more Jaffe, I just got the idea that it would be very funny to see him change sides in the future and having him as a guest reacting to the questions instead of the host. I don't know if this could be worked out as part of the new structure or maybe just a future special episode, either way it feels like a very insert credit thing to do and could be very amusing imo.

@espercontrol#18699 That old Jaffe-only special episode lol

@JoJoestar#18753 @espercontrol I'd love to see Jaffe-only edits of every episode, released in a single package as ‘Insert Credit: The Game’.

It would be interesting to hear more about Jaffe's career, and how he created the “fold-in”

Sucks to see how the events unfolded. I was attracted also by Tim‘s special quirky humor, but I feel like this change will be a nicely one for both parts. When I saw the change last week, it was weird but I didn’t mind having a guest and some changes and I feel it‘s normal -you just need to find your groove.

The idea of rotating feels fine as a nice start, but feel free to experiment on my behalf. And if you want to involve Jaffe more in their opinions, you could try switching who’s going to speak aloud the questions for the rest of the pannelists.

+1 to rotating hosts being a potentially fun idea.

I suspect deleting Twitter and letting someone else manage his YT comments would have a dramatically greater impact on Tim's well-being than cutting out the podcast, but what do I know.

I should not be a panelist. The premise is that I, a curious outsider, am plying these wizened video game gurus of their closely guarded knowledge with insightful questions every week. Then I sneak in some of my opinions anyway because I get swept up in it.

@Jaffe#18766 But hear me out, what about a revenge episode in which all of the guests take turns asking you questions and you alone have to answer them all… and then submit to the Improv Zone all by yourself.

@JoJoestar#18767 OR from this point onwards just have @Jaffe play the part of ‘Tim Rogers’ in addition to his hosting duties. He can also fill in if Brandon or Frank are out, or indeed portray them on a more permanent basis if they leave.

Having him play any absent persons also opens the show up to significantly higher-profile guests, depending on how good his Clint Eastwood impression is.

@Jaffe#18766 I do think it could be funny or interesting to do as a one-off or occasional thing possibly! if we think of a good idea for it anyway.

Just in case people don‘t see it, I made an edit to the post with about as much info as we’re gonna get - at least we have a bit more to go on now, and know that he doesn't hate all of us (lol)

@billy#18754 i have just been informed by Jaffe that this exists! episode 19!