Big show change

@espercontrol#18782 Yes, but where are the other 172??

@exodus#18776 That‘s a relief honestly, and good to know both that there is no bad blood and that he can come back in the future. But hopefully the positive response to the news worked as a confidence boost and you guys are excited to try the new stuff out, that’s how I think I would feel anyway!

The community is too special and the show must go on. Just became a patron.

The one time I met Tim in person I was struck by what a genuine, caring, cool guy he is. I don't want to say I assumed he was going to be a jerk or anything — but there was just this intense warmth and thoughtfulness to him that I really did not expect. This last year has been exceptionally tough, so I hope everything turns out alright for him.

I posted on patreon already but it is hard to have a conversation on there. Insert Credit has a very friends and family feel. I enjoy Tim‘s work a lot. He is the reason I found out about insert credit. Tim deserves a lot of criticisms here. He is handling this scenario in a very immature manner. This isn’t how you treat your friends and business partners.

As a listener and viewer there are things I don't know and I hope I am not being insensitive through ignorance. That said, Tim appears to be well enough to be carrying on with other activities, so why not be an adult and have a 10 minute conversation with your friends? Seems like he is just letting them hang out to dry despite their concern. I can only imagine the hurt the crew must be feeling being actively ignored. Come on Tim, you are better than this.

I am disappointed Tim isn't behaving as a better friend and professional. I hope the situation resolves itself in the best manner possible. I hope Tim finds what he needs. Sorry for being harsh.

I am very thankful you decided to continue and looking forward to the future content!!

@ThunderCricket#18814 no clue what‘s happening on his end (i don’t need to know), but i‘ve done some rude things when going through stuff. (depression for me). skipping out at work/ghosting. You know what it looks like to other people, im a little too aware, but i still couldn’t pull myself outta bed.

basically... i would try to reserve judgement. you don't know what's going on in people's lives. plus, it's only a podcast. we'll live. (heck we got special guests coming up!!!)

@ThunderCricket#18814 Brandon has given a small bit more context in a recent update on the matter:

"So tim has gotten in touch with Jaffe and explained he has to step away for personal reasons, but there's no bad blood between us, and if things change over on his end he may be able to come back and would generally be open to it. So for now, we're just wishing him well and hoping for the best, and carrying on over here. I'll admit it's still a bit confusing how this happened this way, but at least we know it's not because of some specific interpersonal problem between us, and that he's open to the idea of returning if things change on his end. "

details are scant and things could be handled better for sure, but please don't be disappointed in tim on our behalf. he does good work and I'll still be following the things he makes.

we're really glad you're excited for our future stuff, I feel excited about it too! thanks for hangin out. :3

aw mans, lucky me I‘m always behind on podcasts, so I won’t even notice Tim is gone til a few months from now :stuck_out_tongue:

still, I remember the older episodes of the cast and it was a big change when Alex Jaffe left. Then after that I remember there was another big change when the whole podcast ceased altogether lol.

but whatevs! The show is great and I'm glad to keep listening and supporting! Insert Credit is, after all, the only podcast that ever talked about the best game of all time - Princess Pajama.

mother frikken Retronauts don't even talk about that game, but I know IC will always have my back!!

@espercontrol#18819 Sorry, I was just sharing my feelings. I am just a bit sad is all. I am not trying to make this into anything. I saw the updates before I posted. I understand, I don‘t condone and I hate to see that type of behavior. Whatever the situation it is always better to just communicate. It doesn’t have to be detailed, it can be simple but convey what you need. Otherwise it creates hurt feelings, which I can see through Brandon's messages. I have been there so I feel for him, you and the rest of the crew.

I enjoy Insert Credit, thanks for putting on a good show. I enjoy Tim. I am always happy to hear and see him in whatever he does. I wish everyone the best.

@ThunderCricket#18822 I probably have the same feelings too. It also doesn‘t help that he was streaming with those other YouTube guys earlier today. It rubbed me the wrong way. I feel like I can only speculate and I really hate it. Yesterday, one of the big YouTube ch’s with 1+M subs‘s New YouTube video (which I am actually a fan of too, Eye Patch Wolf, the guy does entertaining essay videos), gave ActionButton a shoutout. So I feel like all these big YouTube channels are taking away his attention. Oh well. I don’t want to make this into anything either, it‘s just this sort of speculation happens when people don’t communicate. So don't be sorry (at least from me, a fellow Insert Credit fan)

@X3N0Sbioz#18826 as he explained, Tim had previously agreed to join the My Life in Gaming guys for their stream prior to making the decision to lighten his load a bit, so he was making good on that promise.

@X3N0Sbioz#18826 I wanna stress that I don't believe this is the case. I am assuming he just wants to focus on his channel and sees that he has spread himself too thin especially with his health the last few years.

@ThunderCricket#18833 Dang, I forgot about how much he overworks and stuff and now I feel horrible. Really wish him the best health. I found out about Insert Credit through his work too and as a fan of his work, I will support his future work regardless of what is going on.

@autoNamed#18831 Ah, I missed that part when he explained. The My Life in Gaming guys are great, been watching them for years.

Godspeed, Jerry. I selfishly hope for your return.

if anyone is curious this is the moment in tonight's stream in which Tim talks about leaving the podcast.

he does talk about it for several minutes, i would recommend everyone who wants to know exactly what is going on listen to it.

he no longer has anyone helping him out with his videos and it does indeed seem like his health has gotten considerably worse.

I don‘t want to make it a big drama but it is pretty weird to hear this talked about on someone else’s stream before I see a reply in my inbox or phone! But I guess it‘s because other people asked about it. This podcast was designed to take as little of the panelists’ time as possible, which is the only reason frank, who runs a video game charity and admirably refuses to crunch, and I, who pretty much always works 50-60 hour weeks (unless it's more), can participate.

The health thing is a concern! I've been worried about it for a while, really. And I appreciate the folks who are worried about the approach to this, but please don't get upset or disappointed on my account - suffice it to say, it was already on my mind.

I‘m a fan of the podcast and am happy to listen to a Tim-less show. Maybe it’s time to chip in to that patreon! Thanks for carrying on, Brandon!


Came for the TR. Stay for the IC.