Biggest Glow Ups


@“MichaelDMcGrath”#p43233 Real Bout Fatal Fury 2 to Garou Mark of the Wolves

That is the opposite answer to this thread. Going from designing the greatest fighting game ever to admitting defeat with a loser copycat is not what I would understand as a "glow up", personally. MOW is a fortnight post-divorce himbo.

On the other hand, Fatal Fury 3 to Real Bout is a very good example of _disc scratch_ let me try that again. There is only something like eight months between the two games for what amounts to FF14 → A Real Reborn in terms of correcting the course of what seemed an inevitable crash.

@“chazumaru”#p43262 haha I can see Garou feeling like not a Fatal Fury game at all, and stealing a lot from SF3, but idk it's also the best fighting game of the 90s so…

To each their own lol.

I do agree FF3 to RB1 is just a massive improvement and probably the better example here

Can I get away with…

Radical Dreamers to Chrono Cross?

Lufia to Lufia 2?

Super Mario Kart to Mario KArt 64

@“rearnakedwindow”#p43268 I had a feeling someone might mention Lufia! I never played them myself, but I always hear so much about Lufia 2 and never anything about 1. Sounds like it must have been quite a glow up, if I had to guess.

@“sabertoothalex”#p43257 As someone who just quietly enjoys the Yakuza games and doesn‘t really talk or read about them much, I’m astounded to discover that this is a common opinion! Something must have gone wrong for me during my time with Kiwami 2, because I really didn't like it. I felt like it lacked the humour of most other entries and was over-polished to the point of sterility. ||Plus the ending is stupid. ||

Don’t hear about these games much these days, but my vote would be Resistance: Fall of Man to Resistance 2. The details are hazy, as it’s been quite a while since I played either, but I remember being blown away by the jump in fidelity between these games, especially considering that they were both on the same platform. They really straddled the line between sorta awkward PC-style first person shooters (larger empty-feeling environments, slower pacing) and the more in-your-face thrill-ride style of FPS that would become the standard for AAA shooters going forward. The fact that the former was a launch (or launch adjacent) title gave it the added visual handicap inherent to early titles on a new and unusual platform. By the time Insomniac was developing the sequel, you could tell they had a much better grasp of the hardware. I certainly don’t mean to disparage the former (I am way more excited by early Doom, Quake, or Halo 1 style shooters than, say, your CoDs of the world) but it left quite an impression. I never did get around to the third PS3 title…I’m kind of surprised that these games have faded into the annals of history without any word of a rerelease/remaster/remake.

I haven’t played too much of any of them, but a friend tells me Assassins Creed 2 is a lot like someone saw Assassins Creed 1 and went “they should make a game out of this”

@“billy”#p43274 My history with the series is pretty limited (0, Kiwami 1, Kiwami 2, a bit of the PS2 Y2) so I can‘t compare it to many of the other games but it felt like a refreshing change in the fighting to me, at least. I really hated Kiwami 1’s fights, especially the bosses. It didn‘t read as a charming lack of polish to me while I was playing, just a bunch of frustrating and poor decisions. Kiwami 2 is def a lot smoother, and I can see how that wouldn’t be appealing! But I came away from it really liking it. I do agree on the ending though lol.

honestly maybe it's just the hours and hours and hours I spent doing the cabaret club that's making my eyes sparkle

Street Fighter to Street Fighter II is the lowest hanging fruit

@“esper”#p43280 Doesn‘t have a lot to do with game design but I hold the (uncommon? correct?) opinion that AC2 looks much worse than AC1, to the point that I felt kind of hoodwinked back in 2009 when it seemed to me everyone was pretending 2 was an unambiguous technical upgrade ||(though this did not stop me from being tricked myself and getting all the stupid feathers, the first and only time I have 100%‘d a game)||. AC2 boasted uglier character models, slower load times, menus/maps that moved at a . . . staggering . . . 10 frames per second . . . and bizarre glyph puzzles that were put together with the kind of “the average gamer needs to be able to solve this” ingenuity that made all of them 0% interesting to interact with. And Ezio didn’t climb where you wanted him to half the time! AC1’s climbing was incredibly slow but at least (I felt) more responsive. Granted, however, I think AC2 did away with AC1's horrifically compressed NPC voice acting.

All that being said that is a very good quip, albeit one I would equally level it at AC2.

@“exodus”#p43245 You know for all the time I‘ve spent with Lost Planet 2 I’d never really thought about the connection between that and Dino Crisis 2, but I can definitely see it now you‘ve mentioned it! LP 1 and 3 are too serious for their own good (and 3 just isn’t good at all) but 2 (and EX Troopers)? Well…

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@“chazumaru”#p43262 Hey, another psychopath like me who thinks RBFF2 is better than Garou! See my Geese on fightcade sometime.

@“Creekgrin”#p43318 Damn, I also main Geese… Are we the baddies? I assume you know linnesaka’s channel but just in case…