Bingo Brawlers and Twitch Viewing Habits

The discussion in this weeks episode of ‘What is the current Twitch Meta’ had me thinking about my own Twitch viewing habits. I am a regular watcher of Fromsoft speedrunners and no-hit runners, and things of that nature. One of my favorite developments in this community has been their Bingo league. My familiarity with the idea of videogame bingo came from Super Mario Sunshine where runners had previously exhibited some bingo matches at GDQ.

For those who are unfamiliar, Bingo is a competitive format where two players compete to complete squares on a randomized bingo board to win by forming a line or winning the majority of squares. More explanation and detail of the Elden Ring league organized by can be found at or here

I am very interested in it for a few reasons:

  • 1. It is presented with runners side by side with commentary a la sports coverage on television. I am a huge college football fan and this legitimately competes for my attention every saturday.
  • 2. The development of meta outside of the Elden Ring meta itself. The strategies and priorities for Bingo are totally different than a vanilla speedrun and can be heavily influenced by board choices and the use of item randomization mods.
  • 3. It has connected me to many community members and some of my favorite twitch communities by being a way to discover other runners outside of the ones I typically watch.
  • My question to all of you: Are there any twitch communities that you follow that have developed meta games or sports-like leagues that you enjoy watching?