Birthday Notice

This is a notice that my birthday is on April 26th and I would like to receive gifts. Thank you

@Jaffe#26430 Do you own Ristar on Steam? Would you like to be the fourteenth person I send it to?

@Jaffe#26430 twitter saw it first : )

@Jaffe#26430 is it pronounced gifs or jifs?

@TheFragranceOfDarkCoffee#26434 Sure, I will accept games. I'm Gorblax on Steam

Ristar rules kind of. The little “hello” or “gublaw” or whatever it says in the intro charms me every time.

if you want gifts start an onlyfans like the rest of us

My gift to you will be granting you permission to not get me a gift a week and change later for my birthday (May 8th)

@Jaffe#26430 What's your size?

@Jaffe#26430 Alright just tweet out your address, personal phone number, and SSN and then I can get you in on this sweet deal I’m working with the prince of Nigeria

@exodus#26443 I still think about how effective the use of his little “Come On!” sample in the level transition screen is.

It's so good! Man I love that game.

@TheFragranceOfDarkCoffee#26478 i still think about my favorite ska song, on parade from ristar.

@whatsarobot#26459 XXL


thanks for all that u do

Ten minutes to buy a birthday present? Crap! Uh, uh…

Here's your gift!


@Video_Game_King#28294 who wouldn’t appreciate this?

@Video_Game_King#28294 I love it

Happy birthday Jaffe!

Happy birthday Jaffe! Also I missed all the ristar talk dang it. That game feels like it would‘ve been on the 32x in a way I can’t fully articulate. I think it‘s all the colors and voice samples and the feeling like it’s on the cusp of something without tipping over into fully being that thing.