Bizarre coincidences that you want to share

@“Karasu”#p70417 I had one of these when I was in london, in the back of a taxi, going somewhere, and I saw my ex girlfriend‘s old roommate and her boyfriend, walking hand in hand, both wearing their USC shirts as they always did, looking the same as ever, but they’d just been transported into the streets of london despite neither of them being from there, and my not being from there, and me just seeing them from the window of a car. Weird as heck. Like if you did that in a movie people would be like well what the heck was the point of that!? People say there are no coincidences but that sure was one, because there was absolutely no point or resolution to that event in the story of my life.


@“exodus”#p70432 People say there are no coincidences but that sure was one, because there was absolutely no point or resolution to that event in the story of my life.


About 5 years ago I got off a plane for a business trip to Taipei and got in line for customs next to Jeremy Parish who is one of the Retronauts hosts who was also traveling for work to Bit Summit via Taiwan. I‘ve met him at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo a number of times and both of us kind of looked at each other through our jet lag and realized we had met previously. We chatted for a few minutes. He’s a recommended person to run into in a customs line.

@“antillese”#p70437 weird customs-line jetlag is an experience that I don‘t exacty miss, but also do miss. It’s a very specific type of jetlag where you‘re not yet actively doing anything, so your brain is still in some sort of a muddled fog, but the thing you’re about to do is actually quite important and a little anxiety producing. I think it's a pretty unique feeling!

I've got a few I can share.

I have a 1943 arcade machine. The original game in the cabinet was Tron, so it looks kind of weird. It still has some Tron pieces on it just without the blacklights. I still have the machine now, but a few years after I got it, I saw on a Facebook arcade collectors group a 1943 in a Tron cabinet with the exact same Tron stuff still attached.

Sometime around Chrono Trigger DS coming out it was my birthday. I got a gift from my brother's girlfriend and before opening it I straight up said without knowing any details "This is Chrono Trigger DS, my brother bought it and you plan to pay him back next week." Before I could open it up, she accused my brother of telling me the gift and the situation. I was 100% dead on.

Also, when I drove across my state for training at the USPS, we had many directions on how to get gas correctly. We need an account number, a certain card, had to fill out the mileage and vehicle number, etc etc. We stopped to get gas after driving a few hours on our flat Midwestern boring highway. I was very confused because the other driver put in the vehicle number under the mileage on the paperwork. This was no accident, because the two numbers matched. I couldn't believe it. What are the odds of that.

I joined my first forum round about 2008 in junior high,

Just like Insert Credit, I came for the game but stayed for the weird, nice community.

I exclusively lived in the Off Topic board.

(It was mostly ~2008ish Tumblr-post type dialogue and insipid threads like What is Your Favorite Color. I cringe to think of it now, but hey everybody has to have a first forum!)

The mods were rather authoritarian (In an Animal Crossing forum?!) so someone created a private group thread for all the delinquent Off-Topic users. This thread would get re-upped every time it reached its post limit.

I was mostly a lurker and rarely posted, but I was still on the invitation list every time.

Eventually I fell off the forum, and would check the Off Topic board once every six months, or when I remembered it existed.

About six years later, in my college dorm room, with nothing to do, I found my way back to the ol' ACC. There was an Off Topic thread titled Show Your Real Face (NOTE: INSERT CREDIT NEED NOT REPLICATE THIS) and I was clickin' away at IMGUR links of weird emo kids' faces (sorry). When I got to the picture of the host of the years-long private group chat... I recognized her. She went to my high school, and even that very college as well. We were acquaintances but not friends.

Sooo I sent a secretive message saying we should meet up in the student union building, and I would have a red feather in my cap or some such. I revealed myself, we had a strange laugh, and that was it. We parted ways, and I don't think we have spoken since.



The mods were rather authoritarian (In an Animal Crossing forum?!)

bunch of Tom Nooks

@“BluntForceMama”#p70449 ah yes I checked out all the animal crossing stuff back then, none of it had much to do with the sort of thing I was looking for (doubutsu no mori stuff)

Later on I’d be the first to rip dnme+ to .iso and put it on the English web (via tumblr lol) I didn’t know about REDUMP or no intro or anything back then, not sure if my rip is still in circulation, but my scans of the n64 game manual are.

I‘ve got one, related to a time when I was stuck on one of those phone dating app things (they’re terrible, don‘t do ’em). Hope this isn't too weird…

I live in Rhode Island, which means I actually live in Boston, and everyone I was looking at on this app was from Boston and every MA town between here and there. That is just to say there's a huge number of people I could have potentially connected with on there. One day I match with someone from Boston; five minutes later my friend tells me to look at some post he saw on Twitter, by a mildly popular (relative to leftist video game Twitter) video game podcast person. Now, I don't know how Twitter works exactly, so forgive me if what I'm about to describe doesn't make visual sense, _but_, the tweet my friend just happened to tell me to look at by this _mildly_ popular (relative to _leftist **video game TWITTER**_) had recently been replied to by someone, yes, that's right, the girl on the dating app.

I never did send her a message. I thought she wouldn't have believed it if I'd told her!


@“whatsarobot”#p4437 Can you imagine this happening to you?!

one of these days frank cifaldi will talk about me 😔