Who's with me


If I'm not, is that blaséball?

Being from Portland, I felt like I needed to pick between Seattle, LA, or Tokyo for maximum role-playing opportunities and let me tell you… I can eat an unlimited amount of tacos.

Heheh I knew there were some other Blaseball weirdos on here… new teams just dropped

Go Moist Talkers!!!

I was a Friday before the big break, now I'm a Beam

I started yesterday with 250 coins. I poked at it a bit through the day. I now have 1300 coins. Considering how good I am at betting on Unlimited Tacos, I think I'm moving over to GameStop.

Been a Dale supporter since season 11. Cannonball Sports is my PERSON!


@3SuspiciousTurtles#19788 Wow, I can't believe approx. 1% of the Dale fanbase is right here!

started as a die-hard Garages fan (i live in Bellingham these days) but I was born and raised in Ohio so now I don't know what to do

@espercontrol#19832 The Garages are in the finals right now!

@antillese#19746 GameStop/Blaseball update. GameStop is up and I‘ve got over 3000 coins going into Midseason 13. Peanut Bong was my idol, but he’s been benched to the shadows. I've got a new idol in Math Velazquez. He takes too much sugar in his coffee, but never meet your heroes, am I right?

What a game

Along with their season mod of the Fourth Strike, though, I can see this being pretty powerful. If the Lovers shoot up in their division, I won't be surprised.