Blind Play Game Recommendations from the Ukraine Bundle

The success of the Ukraine bundle is probably the single coolest thing I‘ve seen develop on an internet community. Well done to everyone involved. But the games! There’s quite a few with recognition I‘ve been wanting to play and hadn’t bought yet, but for my first game I took a shot on one I hadn‘t heard of. I liked the game so well, that I thought if I could con you all into taking shots on games you’ve never heard of it might be a neat way to unearth a lot of good games.


[Golf Peaks]( is a golf game in the sense that Kirby's Dream Course is a golf game, except even less so. It's a very pleasant, isometric puzzle game that uses golf iconography to easily communicate it's play style. Each hole is a simple isometric tiled-puzzle and the player has to navigate the ball from it's start tile to the tile the hole is on, given a limited set of predefined actions for the ball. The actions are cards that are spent upon use. Deciding the order and way in which to use the cards is the entire crux of the thing.

Everything about it is ultra quaint and cleanly designed. The atmospheric piano music, the satisfying clicks and whizzes of the menus. Give it a shot, especially if you're on Android, this seems like the perfect phone game.

I played through Dépanneur Nocturne last night. I like walking around and browsing thrift and antique shops. This scratched that itch in an hour+ cutesy experience. It hit extra since I haven't done too much of that even with things opening back up.

@“seasons”#p61875 Oh, good thinking. I put in a link as well.

If you're a fan of MS Paint… check out the single player story mode, Art Sqoool

You wander around an ethereal discordant world drawing prompts and collecting different brushes and tools. It's a setting to be creative and introspective or just have a wacky time.

Seconding the Golf Peaks recommendation – I've previously played it on Switch (I think).

@“seasons”#p61875 Nice. I checked few games and this was one of them and also a one that looked really cool

this game must be popular because it was at the top of the list but i was emitting deep belly laughs while dressing up the bird. i'm so stupid lol

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Skatebird! I must have missed it was in there

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mysteries under lake ophelia has big atmosphere. it‘s by the same people that did fatum betula which i haven’t played but plan to. you play a kid camping out in the woods that only fishes. it‘s ps1’d out with the ground textures that are kinda moving. the kid is wearing a dreamcast shirt.

i like the way they did sounds. you don't actually see a lot of the stuff creating the noises, but birds chirping in the day and crickets chirping at night for example have this slow doppler effect to them. it makes the small play area feel bigger. it gets quiet when the lure hits the water, and that's when i noticed how much was going on above water audibly. it's a cool submerge effect. it's very calm under water and you're only able to control the camera really as the lure sinks. no pause or menu underwater. the short draw distance under water works well.

[upl-image-preview url=//]

i haven't finished it. it does start a little slow but the feeling of "there's a lot more to see down there, got to see the mysteries" is keeping it interesting.

@“seasons”#p61875 Did you ask to use the bathroom?

I started playing Kingdom: Two Crowns the other night and somehow lost 4 hours and went to bed at 0130. I woke up groggy at about 1000 and didn't have much energy so I ended up playing more until about 1300.

This game is real good mannn. It's kind of like if a clicker game had just a tad bit more to it's setting.

It's heartbreaking seeing a wall fall and 20 archers and builders get whacked by a mob of goblins becuase I was trying to maximise distance between walls. Thus creating a great migration of jobless guys back to the centre of the island.

The Toree 3D games are in there - they're good.

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@“connierad”#p62201 I did not

@“GrimGlamfire”#p62152 Oh. Wow. I tried ZeroRanger out. It‘s probably the best game from 2018 that I’ve never heard of, that plays like the best arcade game from 1991 that I've never seen.

ZeroRanger is honestly my favorite game of the last decade. It is for shooting games what Undertale was for jrpgs, and shooting games are better than jrpgs haha. It‘s so hard to talk about because of spoilers, but the very fact that I have to dance around spoilers while talking about an arcade shooter should tell you that it’s really something else.

zeroranger is only for windows dang it

Needs a direct x compiler but it should run in Wine. Playing in tate mode might be a bit finicky but yoko should be fine

@“seasons”#p62934 I recommend being very insistent about needing to use the washroom if you're in the mood for some more exploration.

@“TracyDMcGrath”#p62937 I had that thought of “is this an Undertale kinda thing going on here?” because of || the intro and the pacing of things. Boss fights were over when the music tracks felt like they were just warming up. The first time I got the after stage power-up part I thought I was supposed to shoot those, so that was a tip off too. After seeing your comment that confirmed it for me. I played again a little bit ago and tried doing no shooting - and yep, it can be done pacifist. At least the first stage, anyhow.||

||Of course I might be a moron and misreading what you were hinting toward. Hopefully, I am wrong. I want it to be that I receive regular cellphone check-ins from an adopted goat-mom.||