Bob's Game

Whatever happened with that thing?

Couple demos, seemed pretty interesting at the time, guy had a meltdown, various weird projects crop up every once in a while where it looks like he's making it a real thing, now today he updates his website as a social media thing where he's posting a bunch of covid conspiracy theories and some alt-right/qanon stuff. I followed him pretty closely back in the day because I was deep into the DS homebrew scene when he first popped up. I still check in on his website every once in a while just to see if he finally decided to release something. He always insisted it was a complete game.

Was there ever a real game there or did he just make that demo? Did anybody ever play it?

@Syzygy#23887 Nah the RPG. “Bob's Game” I guess.

maybe you already saw the wikipedia article, but it gives a pretty good rundown.’s_Game

i thought i had seen a long, in-depth article about it a couple of years ago, but i'm having difficulty finding such a thing.

bob's website is absolutely nuts. i could never tell if he was actually insane or if it was all just a put-on for attention, but it seems like the former has proven to be the answer.
here's a link to the E3 video he made with Tim, lol, for anyone who hasn't seen it:

@crumble#23889 I have a vague memory of this game. Hey look an @exodus cameo.

@crumble#23889 The guy in that video is Bob‘s Game Guy??? Wow I didn’t realize that when I watched it for the first time a couple months ago. I haven‘t thought about Bob’s Game since youtube was a baby.

@crumble#23889 pretty sure this is the E3 I met Tim because he was there with Bob. Bob introduced himself with a “I'm nobody”. Mainly I hope bob‘s ok, whatever he’s doing.

edit: wait, that's the GDC. I've never been to E3.

@crumble#23889 That wikipedia entry is a real wild ride…this definitely jogged my memory, I remember when that sdk protest incident was in the news cycle

I thought I had the demo on an old HDD, but turns out I don't. Luckily it is still available here

Sometimes when someone points out a timestamp in the youtube comments, it‘s trash, and sometimes, it’s gold, but sometimes, it's both

I bet this moment would bring Frank some unique pain right about now

Let us be careful on this topic. The game is definitely not out or available, to answer that question definitively, and the last time I talked to Bob he was not really doing that great and I wouldn‘t want to cause the guy further distress. I don’t know if he‘s still working on it since I haven’t talked to him for 5 years or so but I hope he‘s doing alright. I miiiight wind up locking this thread in the morning if only because reading about his game on the internet has been a cause of mental anguish for Bob for a long time so far as I know… I don’t want to get weird about it but I also want to make sure we don't accidentally make things get weird!

[edit: actually I'm just gonna lock it now! If anybody has concerns or extra questions feel free to DM me! Sorry y'all, I don't want to squash discussion but having spent a fair amount of time with Bob I don't think us discussing him will really help him out.

Also, I don't blame anybody for asking or being curious, I'm not locking this as a punitive action or anything! it's just one of those things!]