Bonus Credit 12 - The Winds of Ganoria

### Bonus Credit 12 - The Winds of Ganoria

A rare confluence of Jewish high holidays and immovable project deadlines results in a Patreon content unlock for the week! We celebrate the return of Frank with a few excellent stories about what he's up to lately, Mathew Kumar has an incredible impromptu interview with Chris Remo about the design considerations of crosswords, and Ash Parrish talks about the shift from Kotaku to The Verge. Find over a year's worth of excellent bonus content just like this at the [Insert Credit Patreon](!


  • - (Ep. 196, the weed episode) Pre-show. The panel describes what they're doing to alter their perceptions of reality. Frank is so successful he's gotta start turning people away.
  • - (Ep. 196, the weed episode) Extended break. Brandon shares the details of his dad's weed, and an excellent spoonerism. Frank thinks Special Guest Patrick sounds gorgeous, and high. Jaffe is rotating a letter in his mind right now and explains the details of Doctor Who.
  • - (Ep. 197) Pre-show. Jaffe has been waiting for someone to take the easy joke, and Brandon does. Special guest Mathew Kumar writes down a new title in his Fantasy Book Idea Journal. Finally, you'll understand Jaffe's intro line for this episode!
  • - (Ep. 197) Post-show. Extended in-depth crossword puzzle discussion with Special Guests Mathew Kumar and Chris Remo. Genuinely fascinating stuff. big thank you to mathew for hosting this impromptu interview!
  • - (Ep. 198) Post-show. Special Guest Ash Parrish goes into some detail regarding her move from Kotaku to the Verge, and the current state of game journalism is discussed. Also, accents. (Note: from 36:35 to 38:53, there's some compelling but also terrifying climate climate discussion. feel free to skip to 38:53 if you need a break from that)
  • - (Ep. 199) Extended intro. Frank, Brandon and Jaffe talk comic books.
  • - (Ep. 199) Special Guest Chris Kohler is playing Star Ocean. Frank likes that Final Fantasy I remake.
  • - (Ep. 199) Post-show. Brandon recommends F1: Drive to Survive. Frank and Special Guest Chris Kohler discuss moving from one office to another. Frank has an incredible story of busting bootlegs. All names censored.
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    Just a heads-up, in the feed for the Podcast Addict app (I'm not sure if the same thing happens elsewhere, presumably they all pull from the same feed and might have the same issue), a description for this episode is listed, but the episode itself is neither downloadable not listenable.

    @“Girard”#p43660 Thanks for letting us know. Should be fixed now if you refresh your feed.

    I loooooved the Mathew Kumar-Chris Remo crossword chat.

    The rest of the episode was fun too. I'm curious about @"exodus"#3 's dad's weed growing situation.

    @“whatsarobot”#p43667 I'm pretty sure he just stopped doing it! Last time I was there (which was more than two years ago) it looked pretty unkempt.


    It hurt my heart a little that you were drinking spoiled wine for this show

    @“dylanfills”#p43679 gotta make the magic happen

    Forgot that they pirated video games using developer hardware possibly purchased from the console maker? Or ‘forgot’ they pirated video games using developer hardware possibly purchased from the console maker?

    @“NoJoTo”#p43695 we‘re talking about 30 years ago in many cases, so I think it’s safe to say that - in at least some cases - they probably actually forgot.

    @“exodus”#p43696 Suuuuuuurrrrreeeeeee

    You‘re a game developer person, you’re in on it to!

    @“shane”#p43661 [upl-image-preview url=//]

    Thanks for looking into it! It looks like the fix may have broken something else, though.

    @“Girard”#p43703 That's the old feed ( from a few years ago. The new feed is Here it is on Podcast Addict

    you can see all the links here:

    Also don‘t see it in the apple podcasts app (I know it’s garbage I'm just lazy). Most recent episode is 202.

    I loved the heavily redacted exposè by Frank there at the end

    @“gouis”#p43731 dang. I see that. I‘m guessing it’s because when apple podcasts initially pulled the feed the episode didn't have the media file.

    not sure what can do about that. guessing apple will just self correct in a while.

    Frank is 100% right about Hickman‘s X-Men run. It’s very much stalled in the first act. I wonder what the long-term plan for this is going to be. I‘m a bit disappointed with what’s followed a really interesting paradigm shift for X-Men comics. Hickman recontextualized the subtext of mutants and reinvigorated the speculative fiction aspect of the books. But the side titles are too many to keep up with and I couldn‘t even tell you what’s going on with the main book right now. X of Swords was awful. Hellfire Gala was fun but felt like filler, ( || ) though the terraforming Mars bit is brilliant. ( || ) Hickman‘s work on FF and Avengers into Secret Wars had an epic scale spanning years, but it seemed more focused than what’s going on with X-Men right now.

    Bom Taker

    and, if for whatever reason you were interested in having the png for yourself: || [upl-image-preview url=//] ||