Books about videogames!?

@coughsoda#24347 It‘s good! One cool thing about it is that much of the text is written in both Japanese and English. Here’s a video review of it:

Chris Covell did a write up on it for his excellent site:

someone has posted some of the articles to Tumblr:


@LeFish#24302 the `CRPG book

How is the actual writing in this book? I like the data, images, etc but whenever I take a closer look at these sorts of books I find the text to be real clumsy. Is this at least readable?

@coughsoda#24347 wait what book is this?

@hellomrkearns#24359 thank you! i guess it's out of print huh, $150 new according to amazon >_>


@coughsoda#24403 oh wow. At least there‘s a few used copies on there for ¥1,000. I’m sure I bought mine used about 10 years ago.

It's very out of print. It was tied to the "Level-X" exhibition at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography in 2003.

@hellomrkearns#24421 oh wow, didn‘t realize it was such an old book! guess it’s time to make a separate account…

@kory#24332 If you haven‘t read it, you may be interested in Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid. Ignore the blurb on Amazon, later in his career the author kinda went off the proverbial deep end and fell prey to some unfortunate crackpot spiritual nonsense. This book, however, is a pretty good treatment of some interesting mathematics you may or may not already know or be aware of. (Gödel’s completeness and incompleteness theorems (actually I can't remember if it covers both, I read it when it was new quite a few years ago))

@rejj#24436 Thanks for reminding me of that monolithic work! I borrowed it from a friend while I was in graduate school but unfortunately didn‘t have time to get through much before I had to return in to her. I think I was vaguely aware of this crackpot nonsense you mentioned, so I never made it much of a priority to pick it back up. Based on this recommendation, though, I’m going to track down a copy and give it another go.

I remember backing the original kickstarter for bossfight books and was stoked on a full length written essay on Earthbound. Was a little disappointed by it, and haven't read anything else released by them.

Anyone recommend any particular titles?

Hey folks, sorry to resurrect an ancient thread, but I was wondering if anyone here had picked up NEOGEO: a Visual History? I was looking around for a Japanese language book on the NeoGeo in the style of the Famicom book discussed earlier in this thread and this rather fancy book came up in the results. I’m just a bit leery since it’s not the cheapest to get it from the UK and all.

@“sabertoothalex”#p7579 i‘ve seen the preview for LoL2: EarthBound and NEED IT

i’m trying to get this book but god it‘s out of my budget.

The book plus shipping to Brazil is like 130 - 150 USD, which in conversion it’s like 1/2 montly minimum wage in here

I wish they'd sell a digital version.