Browser Games

As someone who likes not spending money AND not putting in effort (come on I gotta press download and then I gotta open it and then I gotta hope it works with my computer?!) browser games are pretty cool.

Nyamo‘s Adventure is one of my favorite games of all time, although I can definitely see most people finding it bland (I’ve spent a stupid amount of time playing it so maybe I‘m just really biased)

One Shot in the Dark, Now I’m Dead is pretty cool, although it‘s more like a visual novel

Archipelago Casanova is a Bitsy game, although it uses the engine quite well and feels like a full game

Seaborg’s Manor is a game by the creator of Archipelago Casanova, and is also a Bitsy game, but tries a side view perspective. It‘s also pretty good (if not just as good)

pupy world is a fantastic platformer by Sylvie

In fact, just check out all her stuff it’s all great

If you guys got any more that'd be pretty cool

Often, but not always, the games featured by Terry Cavanagh over at Terry's Free Game Of The Week are playable online, usually at itch through their browser player.

if you like browser games you should bookmark this:

updated frequently

just a couple browser games i've been playing recently:

  • - universal paperclips
  • - [lunar lander]( (cheating, but still)
  • It’s not a game but it IS running in the browser: wavacity, a port of audacity to the web

    Never forget: NANACA†CRASH!!

    i feel like an idiot for not bothering to look at browser games before looking here

    The whole catalog of Dan Ball games have taken hundreds of hours of fidget time from me since the late 2000s.

    I've been playing OGame on and off since around 2005 when I used to load it up on the school computers during business tech in high school.

    I recommend keeping an eye in general on this page, which regularly updates with cool, curated little games you can play in your browser: