Browsing the web with a WonderSwan in 2023

It’s a bit technical but I figured if anywhere would appreciate it it would be here

Super neat! Now I need to make sure I have a wonder gate. I do have a wonder witch but only the cart… I think… Which doesn‘t help with the adapter part. What I really want to know is whether I can still access DLC - sounds like probably not but I guess it depends on whether I’m really downloading something or unlocking data that‘s already on the cartridge?? I’ll have to look into it

The WonderGate peripheral is unnecessary - it's easier to hook up the WonderSwan to a PC directly than to find an adapter and emulator for the PDC phone accessory standard Japan used back in the day, which would be required to use an “authentic” WonderGate.

Accessing DLC would require writing server emulators for each game that provides DLC, but there's nothing preventing you from doing that in theory.