Bucket list

One of the members thought that there should be a bucket list thread. (@Geoff I believe.) Then, I thought “Okay. I'll start it”.

Got a bucket list? If so, how far are you into it? If not, why not make one?

There's not much left. I'm almost done actually. I'll type what's done.

  • - See my favorite musical artist in a concert (Boyz II Men).
  • - Getting season tickets of a local team. (Quakes games are suspended though.)
  • - Going to Honolulu and other parts of Hawaii.
  • - Actually succeeding in a romance simulation game ("Kimikiss" & "Amagami").
  • - Getting an autograph of Momoi Haruko-san.
  • - Completing the tankoubon set of the series that made me the fan I am today in "Love Hina".
  • What's left?

  • - Going to Tokyo and other cities in Japan.
  • That's it. Everything else after Japan is gravy. Really.


    Which other cities in Japan are you planning to go to, or have you decided yet?
    Osaka is my favorite city in Japan. If you're still picking out cities, I highly recommend Osaka.

    When did you make your bucket list? Have you ever changed it? Are you fairly certain you'll never add to it?
    It sound like maybe you have a concrete list. If it is, how did you know getting Momoi Haruko's autograph was feasible?
    From a quick googling, it seems people who make concrete lists generally avoid putting anything that relies on luck or other people. Personally, I sometimes like to put other people on my lists. It adds a pleasant touch of uncertainty. I'm also curious how you feel about being toward the end of your list. And if you did chose to make a concrete list was there any conscious reason why you decided to do it that way? I don't think there is a right or wrong way to do a bucket list, but there certainly seem to be plenty of different ways, which is nice.

    I have lots of lists. I find it relaxing to make them. I have both long detailed lists, and very simple short lists. I have a long list about things I've done in Japan. Actually, I have a few different lists of things I’ve done in Japan. I have a really short list that's just countries I especially want to go to. I tend to freely add and remove things from my lists. Sometimes the goals on my lists are easy, sometimes they're difficult. Sometimes if I'm actively working on a list, I'll add or remove something from the list as it becomes more or less achievable. If I start to get close to finishing a list I either add more to it, or start an entirely new list. I don't think I'd be able to answer "how far are you into it". I've done lots of things I've set out to do, but there are plenty of things I could go on to do. The sky's the limit.

    If someone were to argue my lists aren't bucket lists, I probably wouldn't argue against them with any passion, though in passing I tend to call them bucket lists.
    Here's the really short list:

    Places I've been

  • - China
  • - Japan
  • - Russia
  • - Vietnam
  • Places I want to go

  • - Egypt
  • - Thailand
  • - Taiwan
  • @Geoff#502

    I'm making a plan that I expecte to complete in under 3 years. It's not perfect, but there's a base nevertheless. Here's what the base currently looks like.

    Tokyo/Tsukuba - 4 days
    Kyoto/Osaka - 4 days
    Okayama - 3 days
    Naha - 3 days

    There is a mix of commonly visited cities and not so commonly visited cities. Tsukuba and Okayama are the sister cities of Milpitas and San Jose respectively, and I had to get those two in as I noticed that no top 10 searched itinerary listed either city. While I'm at it, none of them list Naha either, and I had to get that city in also seeing that it's Japan's Honolulu more or less. Giving the short end of the shaft to lots of cities (like Sapporo) is not easy, but biting bullets as I make difficult decisions is a task that's normal for me.

    I've had thoughts of making a bucket list for a while, though I started putting an imaginary pen to imaginary paper not that long ago. (The most accurate time frame I can give is the 2nd half of last year.) I realized that I better whip a list fast seeing that I'm not getting any younger, and it turns out that I accomplished a good amount or most rather of the tasks I've placed up. If I made changes, there are not many. I know that I will not add any more tasks to it, as after Japan, I'm satisfied with the game of life, and I can type that every task after Japan is gravy.

    For Momoi Haruko-san, there are two bits of information. One, I picked Momoi-san because not many people cover multiple forms of entertainment, and I figured that she's the best one at this situation. The other is that she loves the Bay Area, and having missed multiple occasions for an autograph, I had to pounce on the next opportunity she came back, which I did last year. Hayashibara Megumi-san's autograph would've been nice, but one, that goal's not realistic anymore, and two, she doesn't cover as many bases as Momoi-san.

    After I accomplish the list, I'm just going to help out the family however I can. I'll need to give some figurines to nephews and nieces before I leave for Japan if I want to clear a good amount of space. That was a method anyway, but it's good to do the task now.

    Good luck on visiting Thailand and the other spots! I know you'll have fun! Just be safe!

    That is a pretty solid list.

    I‘ve been to Tsukuba. I went up Mount Tsukuba. It’s a mountain with twin peaks. It‘s an enjoyable hike, it isn’t an especially high mountain and there are food stalls at the top. I remember somewhere on the mountain there is a rock formation that looks like a frog. People try throwing small rocks into the mouth of the rock frog for luck. Nice place to visit.

    Oh wow. As much as I‘d want to hike, what’s stopping me is time. After looking it up, the time it takes to get from Akibahara Station to Tsukuba Station is 50 minutes, and then, I‘ll spend another hour and a half on a bus and another form of transportation. 2:20 times 2 is 4:40. It’s so crushing when you need to make tough decisions. You also have the garden and space displays. Hopefully, I'll get my answer soon, though I have time to play with.

    I’ve been to Japan a few times and it’s a wonderful place. I mostly explore central Tokyo when I travel, as that’s where most of my work meetings are, though I visited Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe (just for dinner), and Hiroshima too.

    I don’t think I have a personal bucket list for now except to live elsewhere within the next ten years. I did have a bunch of milestones that I wanted to reach with my artistic work (work with x, collab with y, etc) and once I achieved them and realized how hollow the aftermath often makes me feel, I tried to look for something more lasting. I’ve always wanted to move elsewhere, considering that I live in a country that doesn’t treat LGBTQs fairly, and instead of trying to force a relationship here, I decided that I want to move to a place where starting a relationship wouldn’t endanger my life. I spent ten years at my job building up a small business in Japan, which left me with no savings, so my plan is to spend the next ten at my day job saving up and figuring out a way to then quit my job and move to Japan and work there full-time. Planning for something so far away certainly takes a lot of will and determination (and financial planning, which I lack), but the image of me living in Japan never stops exciting me, and that at least keeps me going.

    Writing this reply made me realize that what I have is more of a loose plan than a bucket list: learn Japanese (which I’m doing now), save money, keep building on my business relationships in Japan, and hope that in ten years it would be possible to achieve what I have in mind.

    Was living elsewhere a plan for quite a while, and by that, I mean for multiple years? If so, it's in the boat as me taking a while to put imaginary pen to imaginary paper.