Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality Picks.


There are too many games in this thing, so let's share our non-obvious picks of interesting games to play.

_**[Crashed Lander](https://don-whitaker.itch.io/crashedlander)**_ is like a 3-D version of stuff like _Lunar Lander_, where you have a ship that's tricky to control, and you have to consider inertia and stuff, and do different objectives.

_**[Dangerous Duels](https://sophieh.itch.io/dangerousduels)**_ -- I think it used to be called _Bang Band Bang_ or something. It's a simple-to-learn multiplayer game where you move yourself on a limited grid, trying to out-position and shot your pals.

_**[Oikospiel](https://dkoikos.itch.io/oikospiel)**_. I guess people have probably played this if it's the kinda thing they're into, but it's terrific anyway.

_**[Bomb Dolls](https://girlsoftware.itch.io/bombdolls)**_ is a three-player driving games I play with pals every now and then. Not much is explained, so you figure things out over multiple plays. There's a big storm that follows you round, so you have to balance scrambleing to find stuff you need and just driving away.

They put together a list to highlight some of the games from the bundle. https://itch.io/c/891735/bundle-for-racial-justice-and-equality-selections

[Gunhouse](https://itch.io/queue/c/891735/bundle-for-racial-justice-and-equality-selections?game_id=184456) is in the bundle too!

can‘t wait until they put in the add all to library feature and then I’m going to start loading up a bunch of random games with the app every night

I got the bundle for Quadrilateral Cowboy and finished it a few days ago. it's pretty good! I can also vouch for The Floor Is Jelly as a quality game. Excited to finally check out Night In The Woods. haha

@Lesmocon#1988 probably helpful if you wanna do that now https://gsantner.net/blog/2020/06/06/itchio-how-to-claim-all-bundle-games-to-library-racial-justice-and-equality.html

I want to see more people‘s recommendations! this bundle is extremely overwhelming, but I guess I’ll finally play celeste and outland now?

@marlfuchs2#1989 Oh rad. I haven't played either of those. Dunno why I skipped Quadrilateral Cowboy.

As the bundle continues to grow, I saw Micro Mages was added. It’s a super fun NES game with a really impressive development that fits so much into an NES cart.

Anyone spot any good in person co-op games in the bundle?

@Winckle#2024 I have spotted a handful of competitive games, but I don‘t think I’ve seen a lot of co-op videogames. Thank being said, there is an absolute ton of amazing 2+ player table top RPGs in there. I don't know if that would be your jam, but if it is, I could go try to track some of them back down.

So, I did a dumb thing when this first came out - I spent a couple of hours and went through all of the games (there were only 740ish at the start), and made a list of all the things I'd like to check out. In my defense, I didn't realize the bundle was going to more than double, and I didn't expect to see 300+ things out of the original line up that I was interested in. So now, I have a giant list without details on why I thought anything was interesting, and it only covers half of the bundle anyways.

It's not video games, but there's a whole host of one player table top rpgs there. I've tried out a couple, and had an interesting time with:

  • - [Cage of Sand](https://luciellaes.itch.io/cage-of-sand)
  • - [Alone by Distant Shores](https://geostatonary.itch.io/alone-by-distant-shores)
  • - [Savior](https://bluestockings.itch.io/savior)
  • As far as video games, I've only tried out these so far, but really loved them:

  • - [A Short Hike](https://adamgryu.itch.io/a-short-hike) a real cute and chill game. Just a pleasant place to be.
  • - [Blitz Breaker](https://boncho-games.itch.io/blitz-breaker) dash everywhere, all the time. Some fun and creative movement puzzles with a limited movement capacity.
  • Here's hoping I find time soon to try a bunch more...

    Here's the games that stood out to me. Sorry for the long list.


  • -

    **Cinco Paus** - Simply one of the best designed games of all time. I'm really glad more people get to play this now. Incredibly dense possibility space, because every randomized roguelike rule interacts with one another. It's a new joyous learning experience each playthrough.

  • -

    **Pico-8** - Amazing that this is available through itch now. An incredibly fun fantasy console to play games in and develop games for.

  • **Indie titles that are already pretty famous and don't need much introduction (imho):**

  • - Celeste
  • - Minit
  • - Oxenfree
  • - A Short Hike
  • - Loot Rascals
  • - Night in the Woods
  • - Overland
  • - Frog Fractions 2 (Glittermitten Grove)
  • - Nuclear Throne
  • - 2064 Read Only Memories
  • - Starseed Pilgrim
  • - Pikuniku
  • - Quadrilateral Cowboy
  • - Octodad: Dadliest Catch
  • - Super Hexagon
  • **Lesser known games that I enjoyed**

  • - Hidden Folks
  • - Gunhouse
  • - Cook, Serve, Delicious 2
  • - Oikospiel
  • - Vignettes
  • - KIDS
  • - Super Win the Game
  • - Sky Rogue
  • - Blast Rush
  • - Anodyne
  • - Heavy Bullets
  • - Heavy Bullets
  • - Pet the Pup at the Party
  • - Catlateral Damage
  • - Games by Loren Schmidt
  • - Games by Froach Club
  • - Games by Vectorpark
  • **Games that I was already planning on playing**
    ISLANDS: Non-Places, GNOG, Dr. Langeskov, Wheels of Aurelia, Beglitched, A Mortician's Tale, Fortune 499, Democratic Socialism Simulator, The Stilness of the Wind, reky, MOBIUS, Witchball, Old Man's Journey, Golf Peaks, Wide Ocean Big Jacket, Rising Dusk

    **Games that I found through the bundle and am interested in playing**
    Botolo, Bomsy, BEACON, EXTREME MEATPUNKS FOREVER, Mewnbase, Super Slime Arena, The Sword and the Slime, ALL-STARS DUNGEONS AND DIAMONDS, Night of the Consumers, MidBoss, Lenna's Inception, And All Would Cry Beware!, Wakamarina Valley, 10S, Factory Hiro, Super Bernie World, Tiny Dangerous Dungeons, The Ground Itself, Task Force Kampas, Zone of Lacryma, On Rusty Trails, Cuckoo Castle, Walden

    Kenney Game Assets 1, Apple Quest Monsters DX

    Slightly unrelated, but it came up in my library: Colorfiction's games are still free to grab on itch.io due to COVID-19 and definitely worth a look.

    @Winckle#2024 Sky Rogue is a good 2 player co-op game. It‘s a rogue lite about jet fighting with lots of plane customisation. I haven’t done multiplayer on the pc version but have on switch and had a good time. It's also a bit more forgiving in co-op as only one person needs to finish the mission.

    here's my list, in no particular order:

  • - Quadrilateral Cowboy: Whimsical heist game with some clever hacking mechanics, set in a quirky, blocky world (the game begins with your character on a hoverbike, listening to 12" records on a record walkman).
  • - **Dr. Langeskov, the Tiger, and the Terribly Cursed Emerald**: A very short, free comedy game from the creators of The Stanley Parable and Accounting.
  • - **Oxenfree**: A group of kids explore an island full of ghostly radio stations. When you finish the game, you're actually only about 1/4 of the way through, and things change substantially on subsequent "new game plus" playthroughs.
  • - **Night in the Woods**: A girl returns home from college to her run-down Pennsylvanian home town, where nefarious things are afoot, but the focus is more on her depression and relationships with her friends than on solving the mystery.
  • - **A Short Hike**: A wonderful and beautiful little game about running around an island, talking to people and having fun, in preparation for climbing a mountain. Super cute, super low-key, super cozy.
  • - **Minit**: An 8-bit-ish, Zelda-inspired, puzzle/adventure game where you die every 60 seconds and have to start over, but some things you do have an impact on the world that lasts between lives.
  • - **Old Man's Journey**: A charming and mellow little game about moving hills up and down to help an old man along on his journey.
  • - **GNOG**: Very cute but SUPER short puzzle game about manipulating strange objects; sort of "The Room" by way of Fisher Price.
  • - **Vignettes**: Super clever puzzle game about rotating familiar objects around until they suddenly become other, completely different objects that look the same from the right angle. Beautiful, minimalist art style.
  • - **Wide Ocean Big Jacket**: A charming, mellow little game about four people going on an overnight camping trip.
  • - Hidden Folks: Sort of a black-and-white Where's-Waldo-ish hidden object game, where everything makes mouth sounds when you click on it.
  • - **Glittermitten Grove**: A cute resource management game with fairies... until you find the hidden door that takes you to the REAL game! (shush! there might be a couple people who don't know what the real game is yet!)
  • - **starseed pilgrim**: A clever, 8-bit-ish puzzle game about planting seeds to grow blocks in specific shapes to proceed upward.
  • - **Windosill**: A fabulous puzzle game by Vectorpark where you have to guide a little wooden car across a variety of strange environments.
  • - **Pico-8**: A "fantasy console"; essentially an emulator for an 8-bit console that doesn't exist. You can play all of the games people have made for it in a browser (https://www.lexaloffle.com/bbs/?cat=7#sub=2&mode=carts&orderby=featured); this download lets you make your own games. Scripting uses a subset of LUA, and there are a script editor, sprite editor, map editor, sfx editor, and music editor all built into the "emulator".
  • - **Octodad**: A hilarious game that puts you in control of an octopus, trying to blend in with humans in a variety of different scenarios, but with intentionally-obtuse controls that really make it feel like you're controlling an octopus pretending to be human.
  • - **probability 0**: Same developer as starseed pilgrim. Inspiration for the more-well-known "Downwell"; 8-bit-arcade-ish game about going down and killing monsters.
  • I have a bunch that are on my radar, and will update this list as I play them (if I like them)

    Oh ace, didn't notice Pico-8 was in there, ta @oprel and @luvcraft !


    Night in the Woods

    A Short Hike

    Super Hexagon

    Catlateral Damage

    Blash Rush


    someone made this to help people search through the list https://randombundlegame.com/

    One more day to get it if you haven't already!

    @Winckle#2024 This one sounds rad: https://playables.itch.io/rakete

    Fly a rocket through where each player controls one thruster.

    [upl-image-preview url=//i.imgur.com/PEKhRvu.png]

    I decided to set a loose genre limitation (shooter) and filtered all the games through that. I filtered that again by what games I think I might actually try and here is where I wound up.