Bundle for Ukraine and trans kids in texas

Hey folks! I'm gonna do this because somebody has got to:


The thing is it's a lot of work. We have to

  • - call the charities and get them set up with itch accounts to get paid.
  • - get all the devs on an itch forum post and vet each game, making sure they've included all the info they need to include.
  • - link everything up
  • If you're the kind of person who has time in their lives, I would love help with some of this. The person who ran the bundle for Palestinian lives had to take a month off work to do it and I can't do that unfortunately! I think it'll be a little smoother here because we have the benefit of knowing their experiences and I'm talking directly to itch from the start. But still, I'll need some help and I trust the people in here! So if you've legitimately got time to vet games, help with forum coordination, please say so in here and I'll set up like an email thread task force or something. I didn't want to wait for folks to waffle around so I just jumped in, but I'm definitely gonna need help.

    And don't worry if none of you have time! Also it's pretty weird to do a mixed bundle for trans kids and Ukrainian citizens but like... We've got these two big crises so I'm just going with it.

    I've been looking at charities and mutual aid orgs but if you have suggestions I'd love to hear them.

    Are you for or against individual gofundmes for donations? I feel like putting too many specific things in would dilute the money too much but at least for the trans kids in Texas it's probably the most effective way to support them.

    i could help out for sure

    Gofundmes would probably be a separate thing I'd put like una tweet thread maybe?

    ALSO!! do y'all think it's a bad idea to combine these? Should I just do these bundles one by one??

    What all is involved in the process of game vetting?

    EDIT In case this came across the wrong way, I meant I want to help but could only work on this asynchronously in my free time (evenings), and wanted to know if that would be compatible with game vetting! It sounds like it is.

    All the time is free time for me right now and I would love to help with everything in my capacity, I can volunteer full-time on this if needed.

    Count me in for helping, Brandon.

    I also could help.

    I can help too!

    @“exodus”#p59856 Don‘t think splitting them is a good idea because it put the devs in the strange position of applying to one bundle and not the other, or alternatively, offering two separate bundles with virtually the same games, which is something that doesn’t make a lot of sense either.

    It may be weird/harder to communicate but ultimately these things are done out of necessity and urgency, and I think people will have enough good faith to understand the situation and the intentions behind.

    Would like to help but I also don't know where to start here.

    I‘ll have more info and action items for folks soon - I think the game vetting involves making sure they own the thing and making sure there’s nothing weird or anti-trans or whatever in there as much as we can tell. That kinda thing! Mostly internet research.

    Two good orgs on the Texas side are:


    Equality Texas

    @ErinInTheMorn has compiled some individual gofundmes here:


    @“exodus”#p59856 I am of two minds about this. My gut tells me that picking just one of the two makes explaining the bundle extremely succinct, and things which are easy to quickly understand have a much higher chance of gaining traction. Both these causes absolutely deserve support, but having a unified cause to rally around seems like it would have a higher chance to gain attention.

    Regardless of which route you pursue (one bundle, multiple bundles, multiple bundles but spaced out over time) I'll do what I can to help.


    @“exodus”#p59856 ALSO!! do y’all think it’s a bad idea to combine these? Should I just do these bundles one by one??

    I think it's a great idea in terms of attracting donations. People love bundles and knocking out multiple birds with fewer stones.
    Things get a bit sketchier when you start comparing the two issues, but I think the reasoning is already clear without explanation - both issues require immediate action.

    Also I have some time, not sure about skills - but my hand's up.

    Sign me up. I wanna help

    also yeah I am also interested in helping!!!

    Sorry if I‘m out of the loop but what’s going on with trans kids in Texas? All my news has been dominated by Ukraine (internationally) and covid surging + mandate protests (locally)


    @“exodus”#p59856 ALSO!! do y’all think it’s a bad idea to combine these? Should I just do these bundles one by one??

    i think it's a mistake. you won't end up bringing in people who care about either issue, you'll bring in people who care about both issues, and since they aren't related, one dilutes the other.

    for instance, i'd be put off by something "to support ukraine." there are elements in ukraine i wouldn't want to let a penny go to, and i have no faith that any effort could be enough to make sure money given to help the average ukrainian doesn't go straight to the wrong place.

    it's easy for me to imagine the converse also.

    @“beets”#p59872 https://www.cbsnews.com/news/transgender-gender-transitioning-procedures-child-abuse-texas/