Buying a Next Gen System

Boy howdy is it hard. I‘ve been on the search for a PS5 for around a month, and it’s a slog. I figured I'd start a thread for general discussion of this or for sharing tips and tricks for actually finding either the PS5 or the new XBOX.

following some Twitter accounts that track system drops and will let you know a drop is coming or that it just has:

@Jake_Randall_YT (This guy is great. Follow his YouTube as well. He has video guides on how to navigate all the stores.)
@PS5restocks_etc (this one consistently seems to be the fastest)
(you get the idea)

Generally speaking if you follow the twitter drops, you can sign onto the retailers when they have a drop and roll the dice on actually being able to buy one. Each of the sellers has a different approach, but they always sell out in a matter of minutes. Having an account pre-made at Sony Direct, Target, Walmart, Amazon, Gamestop, and Best Buy is supposed to help. Then, when the drop happens, you get in and try and spam your way through the process of "carting" a system, then actually paying for the system before they all sell out. It suuuuucks!

I‘m 100% committed to waiting at least a year before I try to get any of these things. I’m not gonna fight anybody to get a PS5 or xbox one series x - if I get one in a year+ (maybe after a price drop or a model 2), I'll be able to play the 10 interesting next gen games folks were able make in that time, and catch up in about a month.

I did this with PS4... I think I got mine maybe 3-4 years after it came out? I caught up on all the exclusives in a few months and I don't think anybody would ever know I didn't have a PS4 all along. The podcast might be a little less current in the meantime though, hmm.

Can‘t believe it’s still this bad! I was following basically all of the steps you describe for weeks until I finally managed to get a PS5 through gamestop. Even then, it was a bundle and also a preorder that required another 2 or so weeks before it shipped. The whole thing felt like a fluke and I was honestly expecting a cancellation email any day. Lo and behold it did finally come…fortunately the bundle included an extra controller and Demon's Souls, both of which I would have purchased anyway. It also came with some basketball game, which I happily gave away to someone who would appreciate it way more than me.

All that being said, I don't have much to contribute except maybe also follow @Wario64 on Twitter. Costco and BJs wholesale have it in stock on occasion and may be better bets because you also need a paid membership to order (thus decreasing "competition" from other buyers). I'm a bit ashamed to say I purchased a Costco membership for this reason, though I will _also_ say that it turns out Costco has some awesome stuff and I do not regret the purchase!

I had considered picking up an Xbox Series X, but in a way I'm glad the scarcity has prevented me from making an impulse purchase for a next gen system I most certainly do not need...

@exodus This is usually my strategy. I also bought a PS4 after at least a couple of years. In fact, it was at least after the release of the Slim model - since that‘s the one I have. I’m in a much better financial place than I was last generation and so actually have the money to buy the danged thing, if someone was willing to take my money! We‘ll see - at the moment it’s sort of fun to be in the zeitgeist and vying for a scarce item (although if somebody on the street stopped me and offered to sell me one at list price I'd do it in a second), but as soon as that “fun” wears off, I might back down and wait it out.

@kory I've been trying on the packages as well. They're supposed to be easier to get because they don't sell out as fast, but so far that hasn't helped a lick for me. Most of the packages have mostly had things I'd also eventually/possibly get (right now many have extra controllers, Miles Morales, Returnal, RE8, and/or MLB the Show. MLB the Show is definitely a game I would never buy, but would probably play the wheels off I was forced to buy it).

The reason I haven't followed Wario64 is because they tweet about 100 times an hour. I actually don't use social media at all anymore, and I made a Twitter account exclusively for this purpose. For that reason, I have so far only followed people who pretty much exclusively announce drops. Matt Swider has an occasional (like very occasional) non-drop related post, but they're usually relevant, like rumors about future drops or tips and tricks for navigating the process for a specific retailer.

It‘s funny to see this thread because I started looking for an Xbox Series X this week, very casually, since I got my partner the fancy new Mass Effect remaster, and our elderly Xbox One seems like it’s always a day or two away from failing.

In any event, I found that my sole option this week is to buy a bundle from Walmart for... $1700 CAD! What a deal, since it comes with... Watch Dogs Legion, the system, and that's it. For reference, the Series X retail price in Canada is $599, and games in general retail for $79.99 (although I'm seeing that most places have Watch Dogs reduced to $39.99-- it must not have sold well or whatever). SO, that's $678.99 worth of merchandise for the low low price of... $1000 over retail.

Anyway, I'm not doing that! It brings back extremely unpleasant memories of PS2 'bargain' bundles at launch.

I shouldn't be surprised that this is the way next generation stuff has stayed since at least the PS2, because, well, capitalism, right? Still, I'm just astonished that the console market supports this kind of thing, generation after generation.

@Karasu#30364 yeah that’s nuts! Was Walmart itself selling it for that price?? That’s the kind of price I’m seeing from scalpers on eBay. At least some of this scarcity seems to be from a real shortage of raw materials and infrastructure issues from the pandemic, rather than the forced scarcity that companies have used in the past (I’m looking at you Nintendo).

@kory#30350 costco rules

i did get a PS5, though I would strongly agree you don’t Need one yet and likely won’t for a good while. i upgraded from an early-but-not-day-1 base PS4, so it’s nice just to have no loading times, but nothing here is setting me on fire that I couldn’t play on PS4.

my advice is ignore the besbuys, walmars, targits, etc. and just go for the Playstation Direct scheme they have going. They announce a queue 30 minutes in advance with a “waiting room” webpage, and everyone who is on the waiting room at the end of that gets randomly assigned a place in line. me and my partner both did this I think 4 or 5 times, and on the last one they managed to secure it. total gamble crapshoot, but it beats dealing with scalperbots.

@CidNight#30365 Yes, that‘s literally Walmart. I had to double check it, and I also had to double check that they didn’t even include a second controller. I suppose if I really wanted one, and had the money, at least I could feel a little certain that when the package arrive it wouldn‘t just be a chunk of concrete in a box with XBOX written the side, given that it’s a literal retailer and not an eBay scalper.

Anyway, my point (that I forgot to include) is that I've finally gotten turned off of buying a new console by this, after so many generations spent chasing one. I mean, it's not like I was excited about any of the launch games for either the PS5 or the Series X.

@espercontrol#30366 I did my first Sony Direct waiting room a few days ago. I had it going on two devices on multiple browsers! One of them got under the dreaded “at least an hour” and was down to around 33 minutes when they sold out. So I wasn‘t particularly close. I’ve heard they‘ve done a few rounds where they’ve sent emails to PSN members randomly giving the opportunity to just buy one direct. That would be pretty awesome if I got one of those emails.

I ended up getting really lucky, I saw a tweet from Wario64 around 2am one night saying Target had PS5s for in-store pickup. So I was able to just put in the order and stroll in the next morning to grab it.

So uh, I guess my advice is "watch for local pickup opportunities!" No idea how often that actually happens at this point but jesus christ do I ever not miss the _utter futility_ of trying to order through Walmart

also walmart is a domestic terrorist organization trying to take america down from the inside by destroying small business, becoming the only game in town, and then giving all the people whose jobs they made redundant the minimum possible pay and no benefits. heh heh

@CidNight#30369 I got invited via the Sony Direct program to pre-order last September, and I'll say their process was super easy and stress free. I feel bad for everyone trying to get one of these right now, especially considering how simple it was direct. Shipping was stress free too.

I wish I could recommend another way, but it doesn't seem like there's anything guaranteed right now. Boy howdy, if any one has recs on how to get a GPU at MSRP right now, I'd love to hear em. Been entering the Newegg Shuffle every day for a few weeks

@exodus#30349 This is the correct/best answer (and should probably be marked as such by one of the mods lol)

@espercontrol#30366 I hope it's better now, but as organized as the PS direct queue is compared the trashfires at every other vendor, this system was a pretty consistent source of anguish for me…

I kind of feel bad having gotten one considering I am not using it to its full extent (the only exclusive I have managed to sit down and play so far is Astro's Playroom, which was...fine), but I guess at least it didn't end up in some scalper's warehouse of despair. I was completely uninterested in the next gen consoles at announcement and didn't even consider pre-ordering, but I somehow got swept up in the collective furor during the post launch scarcity, for which I am very disappointed in my lack of discipline :(

@kory#30381 this is me, only now.

I too am usually on the wait-at-least-a-year plan. I think I only broke that for the 360, and that was because the launch here in Aus was significantly delayed anyway and there were already some interesting releases available.

PS5 doesn’t seem _as hard_ to get here, but I don’t feel compelled to get one. Perhaps by the start of next year there will be enough things out for it, and I’ll have another look.

A friend of mine has one, so I’ve at least had a chance to try the new controller. That thing is real nice! The new triggers are a cool gimmick, I hope devs use them well going forward

Oh hey everyone, I have about 30 Digital Edition PS5s and 40 Standard Edition PS5s in my garage, I'll let them go for the low low price of 0.04 Bitcoin

@Gaagaagiins#30444 only 70 total, huh? hmm, I’ll keep looking

Just kidding, I am a human being, with a conscience. I‘ve been on an EBGames waiting list for a PS5 for about 2 weeks now, I just called them to ask how it’s been going, they haven't seen a shipment since April 30th

I only got a PS4 because one with a dead harddrive came into Ewaste. Same with the XBO but there it was a dead fan. I felt the like I missed nothing by being behind schedule. And I‘ve already snagged the one game for PS5 I think might be hard to find in the future (The Pathless). I will say this. I am frustrated with how a bunch of indie titles are only doing a PS5 physical release (see The Pathless). I get the desire to be a one of the few games people can buy for a system, but like, I don’t know a single person who owns a PS5 yet.