Buying a Next Gen System

I got a PS5 because I happened to be on Twitter when wario64 tweeted they were in stock at Best Buy so I said heck it and went through and was able to get one after clicking the add to cart button for a while. I was gonna get one eventually anyway because Sony bought FF exclusivity(for a time, anyway) and figured may as well just do it now since I got lucky.

Anyway I’ve touched it maybe 5 times and 95% of its usage has been my partner playing Sims 4. Not really a super happening box!

I did Wario64 preorderama and won 3 out of 3 tries… Kept 1 for myself and sold 2 to my relatives at cost. It‘s the best PS4 machine but I’m not feeling it because I'm completely neck deep in retro gaming these days.

@sabertoothalex#30455 This makes me feel a bit better, other than Astro my top PS5 games have been Ace Combat 7, Flywrench, 13 Sentinels, and downloading Nier

I‘m with exodus on this one. I completely skipped the PS4 until the pro came out and I think I’ve only played a couple AAA type games on it thus far so, I want to feel like I‘ve at least gotten my money out of that first. This whole “version 1.5” of the new console generation kinda puts me off on the whole thing to be honest. I get the “want” for people that would like to play their PS4 games on the PS5 and if they have a 1st gen PS4, I feel like they are getting something that’s more worth it. With me being on the Pro though, I feel like I might as well wait for the inevitable PS5 Pro to drop and just enjoy the PS4 games I still have yet to finish for what they are. (On the system they were meant for anyway, right?)

If the new article from Sony about their stock outlook wasn't evidence enough, the semiconductor shortage is "A Real Thing That is Happening" though. My IT team is dealing with purchase orders placed back in November of last year for product with parts that are hit by this and still don't have an ETA from the vendor on if they will see them until fall/winter of this year. (They were originally scheduled for shipment by March)

@CidNight#30354 I think the list you shared shows you're on the right track. It's all a matter of persistence and a little bit of luck. A friend of mine has been able to get one for himself (Target) and another on Amazon for his nephew based on the stock alerts you mentioned and being logged in/ready to go. He is also on call though and works some odd hours, which was how he managed to actually be up working when the notification for the Target one went off... It's a rat race for sure.

@kory#30350 - Agree on the Costco part for multiple reasons as well and the bundles I've seen them carry are reasonable. You'd like to think that having that extra member exclusivity would help limit the paying field a bit too...

I had some leftover money from a work project* that came in under budget just before Christmas and decided I would like a Series X, having never owned an Xbox before. My original plan had been to wait a while, but it‘s not often I have extra money lying around and the opportunity to get myself A Nice Thing, so I decided I’d just get one.

Know what I did? I went to Microsoft's website and I bought one. I completely understand that this is not the general experience and that I fluked it, but it's true. I bought it on the Monday and it arrived on the Wednesday.

I've been enjoying Game Pass, exploring Xbox/360/One exclusives, all the fancy BC upgrades, and obviously it's become the machine I buy new games for. It's a huge jump from the basic launch chugger PS4 I'm moving up from.

_* just re-read this and would like to clarify that I am self-employed and did not embezzle my way into an Xbox_


@billy#30484 * just re-read this and would like to clarify that I am self-employed and did not embezzle my way into an Xbox

And I here I thought you were _cool_

@Gaagaagiins#30503 definitely not

An update, don’t bother with the buying guide websites. Twitter really is the only way. Definitely follow Jake Randall. He’s great.

Updated initial post

It‘s kind of a weight off my mind that I don’t really want either of these things, but I feel for everyone out there just trying to get a fun thing that they want & facing such a hassle. I do very much want whatever this next perpetually rumored Switch is, & reading all of these experiences just makes me dread that.

@tokucowboy#31067 I thought for a second “surely Nintendo would hold a new console announcement close until they could meet at least a somewhat reasonable minimum demand at this point even if it meant putting its power at a weird place in the generational power curve” and then I remembered I was thinking of THAT Nintendo

@Gaagaagiins#31069 Yep, this is “we've somehow found a way to inject scarcity into digital game software” Nintendo we've got now

Just wanted to echo some of the opinions already expressed here about the worthwhile-ness of upgrading depending on what hardware you already own. I was originally chasing a Series X because I love my One X so much, but as luck would have it the opportunity arose to get a PS5 first so that‘s what I got (it was retail and I just got lucky, happened to check a local store at the right time and they let me prepay for one from a shipment arriving later that week…!). The PS5 is such a jump from my non-Pro PS4, it’s definitely been worth it for the enjoyment I‘ve gotten out of it. If I’d got the Series X it wouldn't be such an upgrade for me outside of loading times.

Even then, would I really be missing out on much if I hadn't upgraded at all by now? Not really (apart from Astro's Playroom). The fact is the new consoles have dropped at the start of a difficult, lean year for major game releases, as the long tail of covid impacts on game development makes itself apparent. Combine that with the fact that it usually takes a while for devs to start getting the best out of new hardware and we're looking at a pretty unexciting crossgen period right now.

Huh, well. I got lucky it seems. On Monday while still in bed after waking up, I got a notification from some chat app i installed to send me stock tracker messages, it pinged me as I was staring directly at my phone for a PlS5 disc version restock. My poor impulse control compelled me to just give it a go to see if it would work, and it did. Ten minutes later it was sold out. So I think I got at least moderately lucky.

I'm pleased because I traded in my PS4 during an EB Games promotion to get a little more money to help pay for it, and wasn't playing much on PS4 anyway. Now I can use the trade in value for games and accessories!

I'm gonna fuck up Astro's Playroom tonight

@Gaagaagiins#31674 let me just say from my recent experience you are a lucky bastard and I hate you.

Just kidding just kidding *weeps*


@Gaagaagiins#31674 I’m gonna fuck up Astro’s Playroom tonight

Do it. It's fun. I don't know if it's "good" but it's certainly fun. Also, it's got that PocketStation content I crave in the year 2021.

Gonna go out on a limb here and say Astro‘s Playroom is definitively Good. Maybe it doesn’t deserve to be but facts is facts.

As far as “came with the console” goes as a category, Astro's Playroom overperforms.

Although I don't think I can really truly decide in my heart of hearts how much of it is that 4K 60fps ohbaby

Maybe this is off topic but I‘m tempted to buy a used PS4 Pro now that it’s pretty cheap and I never had a PS4.

So as to not infect the “games we're currently playing” thread with my next generation decadence, I offer an Action Button Dot Net style Bottom Line for Returnal, which I'm not through all that much of but



@Fran#31736 PS4 may be my favorite system ever because even when playing say, FF7 (1997) or FF9 on it you can just sleep the system and not worry about save points. You can also play Dead Cells and Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- Rev 2 on it.