Buying a Next Gen System

@antillese#32086 …Wait, you can? Have I somehow owned a PS4 for years without knowing I could just put it to sleep in the middle of a game…? That's one of my favourite Switch functions, which I considered an advantage over the PS4.

@whatsarobot#32130 Uh my experience is that sleep mode is a complete mystery. On some games, sometimes, it lets you do this. Other times it simply quits the game. Sometimes it downloads updates automatically, sometimes it doesn't.

I haven't actually tried to put it into sleep mode while in game for a while cause it booted me out like that so it might've been fixed, but I sure wouldn't trust it!

@christoffing#32131 Yeah that‘s closer to my experience as well! Thanks. That’s a relief.

Yeah sleep mode has pretty much always worked for me on the PS4 too. It‘s not a perfect system, because if there’s a system update or some reason that the system resets then you‘ll lose your spot, so I never trust it 100% (I wouldn’t put it to sleep in a game where I haven't saved in like 2 hours or something). Personally, I think sleep mode game stasis was the single most important development of the PS4 console generation.

This is an exciting development (for me)! Thanks everyone. Really can‘t believe I’m just finding out about this now.

Haha yeah this is my favorite feature on the Switch, but I haven‘t dared using it on the PS4 in years. It’s fun to think that hardware I've had for ages is actually better than I thought it was!

Still pluggin‘ away at Returnal. I don’t know if it‘s just not my genre but I find it often harder than is satisfying. I kind of get this sense that I’m not supposed to be struggling quite as much as I am. But you still get those Dark Souls-like moments where you overcome a challenge either after hitting your head on it a lot or, even more thrillingly, after an incredible streak of luck or skill.

I appreciate just how much this game is just a jumble of features of games from the previous console generation thrown together, which is what I meant by it being a 7.0 kinda game, but put together in mindful and artful enough way that it works together nicely.

Is this game _Dark Souls?_ Is it _Gears of War?_ Is it _Metroid?_ Is it _Hades?_ Is it _FTL?_ Is it _Doom?_ Is it _Destiny*?_


  • * - Full disclosure, I‘ve never played Destiny, but I think it’s got some of that in there.
  • The people who designed this game knew what they were doing, though, the game's systems are all stitched together competently if not always totally elegantly. There's one little subtle masterstroke bit of design, though, that I haven't seen elsewhere to my knowledge that stands out, to use as proof of the design chops of the people who created it: health pickups are relatively scarce and don't drop from enemies at all and come purely from the environment and don't respawn. There are also special kinds of health pickups that will increase your max health once you collect 3 units of them (which also come in 1-2 sized units), they're a pain in the ass when what you really need is healing but whatever. The clever thing about health pickups, though, that cleverly incentivizes you to always try and play the best you can, is that if you pick up a health pickup when you're already at max health, it automatically converts into one of the max health upgrade units. It's a smart way to not only propels you forward by dissuading tedious backtracking to fill up on health (unless you're into it), it also keeps the pressure on during every encounter.

    That's smart design, imo, both dissuades a boring play choice while enhancing the more mundane encounters, and fits really well among the rest of the game's systems.

    At any rate, it's all keeping me playing when I get frustrated. Maybe I wish it had an easy baby mode, or to be more fair to me, a faster sense of baked in global/permanent power progression, so that people like me who like the overall vibe but aren't often playing shooters would feel more engaged.

    [Some gameplay featuring yours truly where I bet the 2nd boss on my first try.](

    EDIT: Oops I'm rethinking some of this because this new area of the game is a total drag lol. Maybe I need some more time with it but there are some stinker enemy types in here for sure


    [upl-image-preview url=//]


    Due to the chip shortage and adjacent inflation, I feel like now‘s the worst time to buy anything. That’s why I totally settled for a new PC that cost $800 and gets super hot playing anything at medium settings. I‘m gonna run this thing into the ground just to hold me through the next year or so while I continue to mainly enjoy my retro games. I’ll consider a new PC or a PS5 down the line. Now just isn‘t the time. There may never be a worse time to pick one up. Still, I have rich friends, and it doesn’t stop me from trying to convince them to buy a PS5 and let me play demon's souls and FFVIIR intergrade.

    @“treefroggy”#p34178 yeah I really just was very stubborn about never considering buying from a scalper. Direct from Sony has always seemed the fairest system going, so it’s perhaps to be expected that that seems to be where I’ve finally succeeded.

    @“CidNight”#p34173 let's go

    @“Syzygy”#p34307 Hahaha exactly. I made this exact joke to my wife last night: Oh hon! I won the lottery! I can pay someone $500 now!

    I wasn‘t overly fussed about getting a PS5 but I chanced getting one in a restock in Argos (UK). There weren’t any in my local stores but I punched in a friend‘s postcode who lives around 150 miles away and there were tonnes there, so he’s picking it up for me tomorrow. I got it with Ratchet and Clank which I‘m not especially excited about but I’ll give it a whirl and I'll likely get some good money from it with a trade-in.

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    The chonkiest boy you ever did see

    In case anyone is trying to buy a ps5 or Xbox still, I accrued a whole bunch of useless information I’d be happy to share!

    @“CidNight”#p35171 somehow it looks reasonably sized under that TV and in an alcove that large. still looks like somebody stepped on one end of it though

    Meanwhile in my setup the stupid thing is almost as tall as our TV :sweat_smile:

    [upl-image-preview url=//]

    @“exodus”#p35175 that is a 65” Samsung QLED, for reference. So it’s a biggie. And the alcove is large, and we plan to eventually put cabinet doors on the front - but even so the thing is so danged wide it sticks out just like an inch past the end. So it’s going to be a problem when we go to put the door on.

    When laid horizontally the disk drive is on the bottom??

    @“CidNight”#p35177 The Switch for scale really makes that picture pop for me XD

    Congrats on finally getting your system!