calling you out, brandon

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ha ha! it‘s not me! I’ll never sell it. it is the fuu one that I got though… I feel like everyone got fuu. the worst magic knight! sorry fuu

for those who don't know @Personasama is bringing this up because he was there when i got a mint condition magic knight rayearth, exactly like the above, for $15 in a store. It was just... sitting on a shelf. This was like 5 years ago, and I thought to myself "I wonder if they left a zero off" - but even then $150 would've been a steal.

he started hitting me with some plush he had as soon as we got outside, ha ha.

@exodus#820 So you're saying: You pity the Fuu.

I actually had an Umi, which was actually my favorite of the discs, and... I'm now 15 years removed from selling it. Ah well.

Oh! Oh! Is this Magic Knight Rayearth Confession Central? I ended up with two copies at some point, when I bought the entire Saturn stock of a closing video game store in the South of France for three peanuts and a firm handshake. My first copy was Hikaru, and the closing store's copy was Fuu. I ended up selling Hikaru and today you are informing me that it was a big mistake, apparently.

@sklathill#822 Gah!! I wanted that Umi disc!!! Heck

@chazumaru everyone's stuck with fuu. wind! who needs it
I wish there were still video stores to close and buy stock from

I had a first gen Saturn, purchased on launch day, by my dad, as a high school graduation present. God I loved that machine; my identity in college was the resident video game guy, largely because of the Saturn (I would eventually get a N64 and PSX). Got it region modded and everything. Even purchased Radiant Silvergun from a Chinatown game store for only $50 at the time.

Well, later on, in my first apartment after college, someone broke into my apartment and stole that Saturn. And a few random things, with all signs pointing towards it being by some crack head. More than likely he sold it at a pawn shop. I often wonder how much it went for... I bet only $15.

These prices are absurd[upl-image-preview url=//]

it's so stupid!!! video games…

It kills me that the prices for good games are climbing this high, and only likely to increase. Saturn in particular is a real desert of games being ported/remade…

And the best/worst part? It's only a time in which all these games, due to disc rot and the like, all become non-functional.

@exodus#820 IMO the best part was that when we looked at the cashier's PC screen, they had clearly searched for MKR on ebay, found a drawing board or pencil case or something for $15, and just went with that as the price.

whaaaaa, I don't remember that part!!!

@fortninety#877 Saturn is kind of lucky in how easy it is to bypass the copy protection (not as lucky as Mega CD, where it doesn‘t exist), but even then, the consoles themselves will eventually all break down (especially with having mechanical parts to spin and read those discs).

Here’s hoping for a bright future of elegant emulation and slick fpga boxes.


I remembered you posted that on twitter… wasnt it a store in Culver City?? I hate you for that lol; that's almost local to me - I used to drive out there weekly for dance school and the whole time one of my holy grails was under my nose >_<

I literally just spend $200+ on a game just now... I'm sure it's only a matter of time before I seriously consider picking up a copy of MKR too

Yep, Culver City! I think it was called like disc spinners or something :P

Well... I'm happy to have it, heh heh.