cheating duck hunt

the latest episode of the videogame history museum podcast is about the nintendo zapper, and at one point everyone is speculating about how to cheat it. one idea was to point the zapper at a video playing 60 fps of alternating black and white.

i was _screaming_ at my radio that i'm pretty sure your cheat video would need to be synced to the vblank of the tv you're playing on.

i realize now that no one in the podcast can hear me from my car and through time. this is the closest i can get. (i probably could figure out how to email them or something but i'm driving right now.)

I remember when I was a kid, my older brother told me you could point the gun at a sheet of white paper. I believed him, even though it‘d be extremely easy to disprove. I never actually bothered to disprove it though, so hey maybe it’s true.