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when was the last time you played the skate mode in mgs2

@treefroggy#15754 3 years ago and it was even worse than I remembered. Pretty sure I have an iso right here on my pc, will play one run and report back.

:edit: Yep that still feels like some real trash. Which is fine of course because it's a goofy little thing included as a bonus to a great game. But I also paid real money for _Evolution Skateboarding_, and I cannot forgive Konami for that abomination.

@Snowdecahedron#15605 This is so cool, I really love the Pokemon Platinum Sinnoh Map. I really miss this style of 3D.

@Syzygy the dude who makes those tactics ogre videos writes this stuff too!

I stumbled across during the height of the pandemic. It's essentially a map of the world with dots on it that represent towns and cities from all around the world that host an online radio station - and you can listen to all of them for nothing.

There's also a more convenient app for it, and you can spend something like 2 bucks to get rid of the in-app ads if you find them intrusive.

I use it all the time at home and in my car if I hook my phone up via Bluetooth. It's an extremely rad resource.

My mom put on Bruce Springsteen's latest album Only the Strong Survive and got upset when I started laughing at the album art:


hand on a car

[upl-image-preview url=]

leaning against a car

[upl-image-preview url=]

INSIDE the car

[upl-image-preview url=]

I was googling what car it could have been (it was a 1968 Pontiac GTO in Verdoro Green) but then was also musing about how Springsteen's… a little gay. And that's when I found [this cool essay about Springsteen as a queer icon](, maybe especially to butch lesbians and genderqueers. Check it out!

⚠️✋🏻→ [this was a good read]( too, and written over a year and a half earlier.

More Springsteen:

  • - [Dear straight Springsteen fans](
  • - [Bruce Springsteen and Clarence Clemons Kissing Onstage](
  • - [Beyond Blood Brothers: queer Bruce Springsteen](
  • Springsteen and Laura Jane Grace (of Against Me!):

  • - [Laura Jane Grace Bailed on Bruce Springsteen When He Came to See Her Perform]( (cute)
  • - [8. Bruce Springsteen offered Grace some salient advice about dealing with former fans who demonized the band’s success.](
  • i sure love tokusatsu and rasslin', these are huge archives of both

    Vectorized, even Originally found via being the host for the source code for the windows linux port of Black Shades. Just an interesting body of work and website. Lots of open source linux projects being hosted.

    What a great thread! I bookmarked like five things just scrolling through.

    Here's some cool things: This is a big list of two player tabletop roleplaying games. Ubu Web is an amazing archive of weird cool art on the internet. There's so much! It's a great site to click around in, or maybe see stuff from artists you already know but didn't know they did. Like Marcel Duchamp made music; I didn't know that! It's on there though. This is my favorite book about writing, and it just so happens to be open access. It's a bit Writing Studies-y, but fairly accessible if that's not your thing.


    > This is my favorite book about writing, and it just so happens to be open access. It’s a bit Writing Studies-y, but fairly accessible if that’s not your thing.

    I'm so excited to read this -- it looks good & digestible. Weirdly [one of my favorite books about writing]( is also written by someone named Ball (I found this book helpful in thinking about story structure).

    Just discovered this thread and RetroCrush. Thread still working 2 years and 2 months later.

    For some reason, whenever I see this thread I think of Nash from Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete yelling “Check This Out!” every time he casts a lightning spell.


    @“rearnakedwindow”#p110055 Just a few months ago when I was playing this for the first time, I guess my Playstation's disk reader is wearing down because all the voice clips would get cut off, splice together several different voice clips, or call in the wrong ones entirely – EXCEPT for this one. Any time Nash said “Check this out!” it came out crystal clear. By the end of the game, the soundscape of the battles comprised of chopped up remixed voice clips and then the odd pristine “Check this out!”

    I‘ve got a small collection of “vintage” desktop wallpapers from the late 90’s and early 00's. Stuff like 150x150 tile wallpapers, 480p promotional wallpapers for games, etc.

    Searching “vintage wallpaper 2000 480p” or anything like that gives really poor results for things like “y2k aesthetic wallpapers” or worse, literal vintage wall-papers for your home.

    Does anyone know of any repository for wallpapers from the past?

    also really glad to see the Syzygy archive hasn't disappeared like I thought it had for a bit. I think I was spelling syzgy wrong.

    Here's something I can share: [RakuRaku Dinokun](, also known as Dinky Dino, a tamagotchi style vpet I had in the late 90's. I'm trying to figure out what company produced it, and ended up finding a 150x150 tile desktop wallpaper for the toy, my first time finding a tile wallpaper like that in a long time, outside of being used as the background on ancient webpages.

    The only branding on it is *Dinkie Dino - Incredible Creatures* TK-910