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I recently had a great time with a longplay of Judgement on in the corner while I did some work, and have previously watched a bunch of metal gear. What other long plotty voiced games work well as a kind of TV show to put on? I can only listen in english but would be happy to hear what people have found works for them in other languages too.

Dragon Quest 11 plays like an anime.


I have done this with a few things, but for me it needs to non-narrative or I’ll get distracted. I can listen to music while I work but not listen to a podcast, the news, etc. Uses the same part of my brain.

I have listened to flight deck recordings of planes landing. They have these on YouTube.

YouTube also has passenger view Shinkansen trips. Those are my favorite. The view changes, it’s novel, but I don’t “miss” something if I miss something.

@“antillese”#p37206 I know what you mean! If I am writing or designing, I absolutely cannot tolerate voices. But if I'm doing some very grindy work (data entry, inking, cleaning) stories keep me engaged. These train videos look extremely chill. Thanks!

@“treefroggy”#p37188 ah, perfect! that's going on next :slight_smile:

@“antillese”#p37206 similar to these train videos, I really like these videos of someone just walking through Japanese towns and train stations and stuff. Compared to the bullet train videos, these are slower-paced with more natural ambient sounds, so it's my first choice when I need something passive in the background~

@“Funbil”#p37213 this channel is similar and what I use for some nice background noise:

I recently realized that I’ve never watched a longplay of a video game ever…I think it’s time to change that. I feel so conflicted about watching a game all the way through that I’ve never played.

i hung out with this playthrough of Deus Ex Machina this week (as mentioned on the latest ic show). it's uh, prolly not for everyone


@“tombo”#p37216 it’s uh, prolly not for everyone

Huh, I wonder what @"tombo"#195 meant by that


@“tombo”#p37216 that's pretty effing tight…

one that never gets old for me is the live camera from the International Space Station.

something simple and amazing about it.

1.3k people watching the same clouds pass by at the moment.

the last express might be good for this. Lots of dialogue, diegetic sounds, dramatic soundtrack cues signal when you should click over and see what's happening

and I just like 90's CD rom audio quality for some reason