christian people, what does this mean

@yeso no worries!

Since Brandon “JahFeel'd”/Sheffield basically gave final words, I'mma take advantage of the situation to spread peace & love with song. Jah Feel ?

I think my grandma was episcopalian and that would be what my mom was raised, then? that did not stop her (my grandma) from being racist and homophobic though, she was right on board with that business.

can‘t speak on the origins of your grandmothers opinions, but there’s no serious Christian theological basis for the homophobia thing. I mean there’s like next to nothing, and certainly nothing remotely durable in scripture about it. I remember a nun/professor at my catholic college tearing apart that notion in a theology class. If a minister is expressing homophobic sentiment, that’s really more of their own choice than anything compelled by scripture.

@yeso#15877 the individual minister's personal choice, it trickles down from figureheads such as the mega preachers, who are paid by politicians/shadow govt/whatever you wanna call it, those in power, to say whatever benefits those in power.

Yeah, I hear that! I grew up hearing preachers on tv call homosexuality a temptation of sin, and I was like… dude if you‘re tempted, that sounds like something YOU need to investigate, not project onto everybody in the world. Like they really believe we’re all actually gay but jesus holds us back and keeps some of us straight, lol.

it'd make for a pretty fun fan-fic though

@yeso#15877 yup. There‘s Leviticus 18 and 20, which even Conservative Jews don’t take as a binding restriction on homosexuality, and Romans 1 which is a bizarre subtweet of a passage that uses obscure words only extant in that passage. No one really agrees on who Paul is passive aggressively telling off there, but the conservative Christian sects have decided it‘s the gays without much ground to stand on. Worth noting that this is the level at which translation differences really matter, as some translate the levitical passages as forbidding incest, others as forbidding men having sex with men, and others just throw lesbians in there too even through there’s absolutely zero textual support for that reading.

And then I guess Sodom and Gomorrah, but that one is explicitly distanced from homosexuality all over the rest of the Bible.

Who decides that homosexuality isn't okay, but BUBBA GUMPS SHRIMP COMPANY is on the menu ?..

@MichaelDMcGrath#15889 and the “sin” in questions is simply “rape” rather than forced readings linking it to a homosexual aspect

lol and according to levitcus, women need to sacrifice a goat every time they have their period, so get crackin on that ladies

@treefroggy#15892 not the chill ass nuns at my college


"Biblical subtweets"


That thinking kinda ties into the way they perceive atheists. "If they don't believe in god, what's stopping them from committing heinous acts?!?!?!?!" Uhhh... I get along just fine doing nice things and not doing horrible things without god telling me what's right and wrong... if you need god to stop you from being a bad person then that's on you.

@yeso#15894 The one that gets me is that according to Leviticus every few years you are to forgive all debts and release all prisoners but I never hear the Christian Right bring that one up for some reason.

This rules though:

the more I look at the phrase,

The ONLY way to god"

The more I can't stop seeing it as an incomplete sentence. Maybe you can even complete it if you have some extra time... like maybe it can say:

The ONLY way to god is through a man's stomach"

So really, this could be what it actually means.

ok now I can't help but think of “God” as a verb, like saying:

The ONLY way to Game!

The ONLY way to God!

this makes less sense than anything else but this is how I'm reading it from now on.

push button -> receive God.


if it's in the god, it's in the god


@exodus#15875 Interesting minor theological historical point: the American Episcopalians sort of split around this issue around when they got an openly gay Bishop. Some churches openly embraced this, others split to an adjacent Episcopalian branch that was not cool with gay people. So it's not terribly surprising that your grandmother was both Episcopalian and homophobic

She was also from florida (well originally new jersey I guess, but florida as long as I knew her) which is a factor in pretty much everything