Computer Movies: Electric Daydreams, Virtual Frontiers, and Digital Nightmares

Tried to rent Evilspeak from my video store, but the DVD was scratched :frowning:

Anyhow, a lot of my effort related to computer movies is now about writing a mystery for Public Access TTRPG to wrap up all the tonal stuff I’ve absorbed. Also made a spotify playlist to write with: Spotify


one for the list!

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I’ve got a similar list on Letterboxd named ‘Rollerblading Through the Server Room’: ‎Rollerblading through the server room, a list of films by James • Letterboxd

Some of my faves:

Thomas is in Love

French POV film about an agoraphobic who lives virtually. Killer.


I love this big dumb movie.

Pirates of Silicon Valley

Anthony Michael Hall works really well as Bill Gates.

Micro Men

Story of Sinclair and Acorn. Has that BBG (Beautiful British Grottiness).


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Yo these all rock, I followed your list and added a bunch of these that I overlooked previously

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Haha, meant to reply to you with the previous message. Still figuring out the new forum layout

watched menno’s mind. It was a pretty chill time. I tuned out around the back half, because it’s very much the kinda movie you watch while talking with your friends about something, or doing chores. Hammy acting, constant wipes. The special effects were great, loved the digital stuff going on. Bruce Campbell wasn’t in nearly enough of this movie though :frowning:

Computer Rating:
3 VR experience chairs out of 3.


i don’t actually like Tron a ton, but i do love Computers Are People, Too!

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Saved in my Watch Later! Looks bomb.

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Published this mystery over the weekend! It’s part of a game jam, so I have it listed up for free (for now): Electric Dreams/Digital Nightmares by drlemons

If you play Public Access, and use this mystery, let me know! I’d love to hear how people experience it :)

Next on my docket for movies is Cry_Wolf (2005). It has a similar premise to iMurders, but hopefully it’s better…

I also started ordering movies (the justification being that I can pass them on to my video rental store when I’m done). I now have Desk Set (1957), Webmaster/Skyggen (1998), and Tom Clancy’s Netforce (1999) coming in (thanks @exodus for the rec)

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