Concerts/Live Music

Phoning this post in to DO SOMETHING CRAZY

And recommend 2 video game concerts

Particularly the undertale concert.

I'm not undertale's biggest fan but IMO its undeniable the music is good.

But what struck me more is...

(And what made made me a little emotional watching it)

What a celebration!

The idea of someone slaving away on and then releasing a one man project

And then 5 years later an entire ORCHESTRA worths of people getting together to celebrate that work

How many games get celebrated like that?


One small detail that really blew me away was that for the performance of "an ending" they had to have two pianists sitting next to each other on the same bench because the music he'd written WASNT PLAYABLE WITH JUST TWO HANDS

Kuroyume Live at Shinjuku Loft is probably my favorite concert video. I just love the energy of it.

I like a big maxxed out song every now and then. Also impressed by the ability to perform and take off a heavy sweater at the same time. I always have to struggle for like 10 mins to get out of a cable knit

I linked this in my twitter thread on horror movies but this also makes me miss going to concerts.

that's “an aesthetic” alright

This one is short but pretty wild.

Sammy Hagar just hanging off scaffolding without support.

Michael Anthony screaming like a man possessed.

very good

not a concert but i found this youtube channel during quarantine that collects vinyl and does relatively obscure Dj sets centred around music from around the world. listening to this one today and feeling pretty good:

I can‘t get over how good Dir en Grey sounds live….

I’ve had the honor to see them 3 times in person, even getting to shake their hands at meet and greet with just 9 other fans….


I've also seen them three times, including in December for what these days feels like my last concert ever. I really feel they are a lot better live.

@tombo#7996 this channel rules. been following it for a while now. Lots of good stuff

heres my contribution;

the artist that I mentioned earlier in this thread, iri, posted one video from her online concert - the one I could not buy coz I didn't have a Japanese cell phone.

she's so cool!

the concert I was supposed to go to next month tho... I had to pay a $300 deposit to my ticket broker for access to her account so I can view the online broadcast of the show. Then I'll get $250 refunded back to me. Not the most ideal solution but whatevs...

I'm gonna spend that week splurging on Japanese food to cheer myself up since I cannot actually go to Japan lol. Does anyone have any favorite Japanese food I should eat? lol

@JonDHarrison#7999 Total sidebar, and I'm gonna guess this is not your opinion on this, but for me dir en grey fell out of my sphere of interest when they went full numetal and lost most of the clean vocals, or especially when interchanging them. but one of my favorite songs of theirs is fully in that period, conceived sorrow.

Here's mafumafu live. this should by all rights be something I hate, but - I don't. the "won't show my face" gimmick is odd but whatever. I guess I'd say this person is the best at vocal editing of anybody I've heard before.

Has anyone found concert footage of a memorable show they attended? I was at this unwound show - not great audio and the crowd is a little timid (it was all ages and this was the places to go for kids who couldn't see shows anywhere else, so everyone was an awkward early teen (except me I was rockin out)) but hey that band kicked ass

@exodus#8260 Kyo has continued to evolve - yes “Marrow of a Bone” was an album low point - but if you have not listened since, I highly, HIGHLY recommend “Uroboros” and “ARCHE” as excellent albums that feel like the group at their very best.


As someone who really likes earlier DIr en Grey, I totally get that. If you prefer his clean vocals, I would definitely recommend checking out Kyo‘s other band, Sukekiyo, if you haven’t. They are kind of the band I've always wanted Dir en Grey to become.

@yeso#8357 this rules