Congratulations! Enter your Name! AAA END

So recently, I had 2 separate thoughts that joined together to form a new idea: inputting the default initials into a top score list and wondering if there are any good short .com domains left.

Thus, []( was born! It is a website dedicated to name entry screens in video games. I put up a decent number of videos of some of the more interesting ones on there, and will probably put up more in the future, but my pace will probably be slow, because I have too many other projects I _should_ be doing instead.

What are your favorite Name Entry screens? I'm sure there are tons of good ones out there I don't know about / remember!

(If this is the wrong forum to post this in, feel free to move it or let me know.)

[upl-image-preview url=]


this rules

Heck, I love it! I don't have a favorite off the top of my head but I am gonna come up with some for you for sure. I will say I like almost any name entry where you can shoot the letters with a light gun, ala house of the dead!!

Not sure if this fits your site but there was an Amiga game where you could sign your name or draw something on the high score table. Maybe other games have done this. I'm struggling to find what it was called.

Update: Looks like Atari's Quantum was an earlier arcade trackball game where you could do this.

You’ve already got some of my favorites. Sega knew how to make them fun! The Indy 500 model 2 game also has a fun one. It engraves your initials onto a trophy.

Edit: Doesn't the vector _Star Wars_ game have you shoot the letters?

Dang, this is cool

@“antillese”#p97518 Added the Indy 500 game! Also added Last Bronx for Saturn, because I love what it does with the 3d spiral of letters.

The only one that immediately comes to mind is Cruis‘n USA with the licence plates. I’m sure there are way more that I‘ve forgotten about, but that’s a start!

Did any DS games let you mark your high score with a signature? If so, that rules. If not, someone should have done that.

I always put B A D in as my 3 letter high-score name. It works on a few different levels.