Consumer Programming on consoles

My personal favorite is the Petit Computer series – SmileBASIC, as it’s known in the West nowadays. Five releases so far – DS cartridge, DSiWare, 3DS, Wii U, and Switch. I started with the DSiWare edition, and although it wasn’t my first experience with BASIC, it’s the first time I made something substantial! Immensely charming platform, with an incredible indie scene that no one ever talks about.

A couple of years ago, I localized a SmileBASIC game by a Japanese dōjin game developerBabyoon Flight, a cross between Getting Over It and Balloon Fight. Turned out to be about 20% translation; 80% programming. Rarely if ever have I had such an idyllic development experience. I did put it on my résumé, so I can’t entirely rule out that it might’ve helped me land my first professional game localization job the following year.

Edit: Since 3DS online services went down just the other day, here’s a zip of the game – you can install it using CFW plus the SmileBASIC File Manager, installable with Universal-Updater. Extract the folder to your SD card, navigate to it in SmileBASIC File Manager, select “copy”, and press Y to copy it without modifications.