Consumer Programming on consoles

Super dope, particularly the 3D libraries that are largely absent in SmileBASIC. Will definitely check it out.


Finally put hands on Warioware DIY (j version), and it’s nice! I enjoy the time-based unlocks, and the limits of the scripting are just enough to make it a fun challenge to figure out how one might accomplish some effect you have in mind. Made a simple game last night where you shoot a fireball from the top of your tower to hit a little invader who starts at a random position with a random delay. I don’t know how much a little kid would get into making stuff, but it feels like a good foundation for thinking about conditions and such.


I got a lot out of it as a kid, but I also make games now as an adult. Maybe I played it a lot because I already loved to make games, or maybe it taught me to love making games, or maybe some combination of the two :-)


I’m really going back and forth with myself over taking the time to scan (at least legibly) the reference manual documentation for BASIC Studio on ps2. There is a version of doing this that gets ocr working enough to make copying and pasting text thru google translate (so I don’t have to type out everything from zero and can just spot check), but layout challenges abound. I shouldn’t spend another ¥5000 on a second copy for unbinding, but the scans I can get while bound are not great. At the same time I feel some desire to do it and put out a translation of the thing.

Overall it’s all just me fighting with the feeling of having wandered through the woods alone to get to this dope spot and wanting to share it with others, but to do so requires bushwhacking a clear path and ultimately I expect it won’t get pursued by anyone. I initially had the read that Game BASIC on saturn had some community around it, but the one main page’s forum is just a ghost town infected with spam. It’s like seeing the mummified corpse of someone else out in the woods who had finished the path out to their hidden villiage.

I have found a bunch of pages of peoples projects for Studio in Japanese, and sorted out the method for extracting and injecting text directly out of/into the .b files inside the ps2 memory card save format (at least in an emulated environment). Part of me feels like I am the last person on the planet who will give a crap so I should just focus on having fun making stuff. I know without the documentation, though, the presence of the iso of the game is not nearly enough for people to make full use of it.

I don’t know! I just needed to type this out for a bit. It’s both a silly toy that’s too old and a portal to another universe.

Maybe what I need to do is reach out to the guy who wrote that saturn article.


Maybe you knew about this but satakore has a database of Saturn game basic programs: Sega Saturn Game BASIC Programming – SEGA SATURN, SHIRO!

I almost bought a copy of game basic just recently but then I realized I would never do anything with it and this list is overwhelming lol

(I must note it includes a very Saturn homebrew feeling project - the Eva timer)


For sure - I love that they’ve got videos of nearly every one of the programs. I’ve browsed that stuff via their long playlists on youtube a bit, it’s great.

And I haven’t gotten to the ‘try to make something’ stage yet but have basically the whole saturn game basic setup going now. I was trying for a new job and was in the final round of a big interview process when I decided I better just push go on ordering myself a complete copy with cable, keyboard adapter, and saroo, saving the console itself for buying in-person at a hardoff. It would be either a celebration or consolation prize for myself. Ended up as the latter, but I’ve got it all set up now and am just waiting on the kb adapter (which apparently was only in the US?). Oh I also got the floppy drive cuz I initially thought it would be a way to directly move code over, but the saturn save data format is not computer readable - got a bit trigger happy. I’ll just sell it back to Surugaya, though.

It definitely is a “but why?” kind of purchase, but it’s an excuse to get a saturn finally (prolly won’t buy many games), and I do have at least one concept I want to try to execute on there, making use of nice scrolling floors. It is fun to run the code myself, too, and also interesting to compare the differences between the PS2 version and this one, both in capabilities and language-wise. Saturn is definitely ‘closer to the ground’ but the 3D features in the PS2 version have a lot of qol stuff -it’s crazy that only three years separate the two releases.