cool fighting game story modes

I recently played through the story mode of evil zone, a weird little ps1 fighting game where the story modes are parodies of different kinds of tv shows. stuff like destrega and psychic force are right up my alley, with silly little stories stitched together between the battles. do you folks have any favorite fighting game story modes that may have flown under the radar somewhat?

@“SlumWolf”#p110492 so this isn‘t a favorite to play, but it’s a favorite to think about and consider: revengers of vengeance. I think I mentioned it on the podcast somewhat recently. It's basically an rpg with fighting game battles, or a fighting game with an overworld, depending on how you think about it. it has exp and leveling and equips and all, and also a tough shooting mini game.

And bizarrely, it got translated and brought to the US with the rpg mode intact, and for some reason some sort of 50s giant monster poster theme for the cover and ads.

So, neither the rpg bit nor the fighting it are particularly good, but the fact it exists is delightful, so I'd put it in here for sure.

It for sure has to be Shiritsu Justice Gakuen (Rival Schools)’s Nekketsu Seishun Nikki mode on the PS1.

_Nekketsu Seishun Nikki_, which roughly translates to « the hot-blooded coming-of-age chronicles », is a mix between a fighting game and a school simulation adventure, inspired by (or possibly making fun of) Tokimeki Memorial and its numerous mid90’s clones. It was thrown in as a cool bonus for the home conversion. You could create your own fighting game character and go on dates with all the game’s playable characters!

The mode was so popular they quickly released a pseudo-sequel **Shiritsu Justice Gakuen Nekketsu Seishun Nikki 2** which, as its title implies, makes the quirky school life simulator the main mode of the game and beefs it up significantly.

@“◉◉maru”#p110497 yeah, that's some hot stuff. this was one I always wished would get a full proper translation. It could still happen! People do all kinds of collections now! Come on Capcom!!

these look sick, thanks ya'll

anyone have experience with the story modes of KOF13 or DOA5? I've heard they're the best in their respective series' but I have no experience with them at all

I enjoyed playing through DOA5‘s story a lot. It is just fights connected by cutscenes but there’s a load of variety and it's fun to mash through.

I really liked Tekken 6's story mode. You played as Lars and it is a 3d roaming beat em up. You walk down corridors and punch goons in suits and occasionally fight one of the main Tekken characters. Alisa is part of the story and you either fight as her for some of it or she is a buddy and you might upgrade her. Health restoring chicken can be found within smashable barrels in case you didn't have a clear enough picture of what type of game it is.