Cool (irl) backgrounds for JRPG battles

@“Video Game King”#p146181 teach us how to blitz!!


that thing sucks so bad irl that when i see it i feel like sephiroth

@“treefroggy”#p146190 Well now we know where Twin Peaks the JRPG boss battle would be!


@“MoH”#p146184 that thing sucks so bad irl that when i see it i feel like sephiroth

Kill the Sephiroth in your head and cultivate the Barret

@“Tradegood”#p146165 Got me good with Crowe-no Trigger

@“treefroggy”#p146190 Quest64 end game vibes.

Who’s going inside the tube??

When I was like 14 years old me and my buddy were at this convention center terrace around New Years and we were joking that it looked like FF7 and that we would find an elixir in a trash can. We discovered the center connected to a hotel via a skywalk and we were like no way, just like RPGs!

Then on New Year's Eve just a few days ago I was drinking a ginger ale at a restaurant with some friends because I was very ill and could not eat. And then I walked to the bathroom and I remembered that that hotel was the very one with the tunnel and I snapped a quick photo. I think the carpet was originally blue. I'll try and grab some better ones later.


@“DaveedNoo”#p147194 i believe this is what the zoomers (rightfully) call a liminal space

@“MoH”#p147195 it‘s a bit less liminal when you see the rest and it’s like ah yes Zanarkand at the beginning of FFX

@“DaveedNoo”#p147194 could absolutely see this corridor as a backdrop for an smt1/2/4 battle screen



@“Video Game King”#p147252 lmao perfect!!!

Really anywhere in Vegas, but I think Fremont St. and Red Rock Canyon would be great choices