Cool Mastodon Accounts and Posts

I didn't delete my account, but when Elon walked into Twitter, I quit it cold turkey. I have genuinely had a great time on Mastodon and have found lots of fun and cool accounts to follow.

Is this thread also a way to announce the soft-launch of the Insert Credit Forums Mastodon account? Yes!

About once a week I'll post a link to a cool thread or a cool post, as well as highlight other Cool Things that are happening in and around the forum community.

Other fun forum-adjacent accounts are:

  • - The show account
  • - This guy: @"exodus"#3
  • - The master who teaches us mashers: @"pattheflip"#118
  • - The one and only editor @"esper"#11
  • - Friend of the show Ray Barnhold
  • - Friend of the show Chris Kohler
  • - Patron Saint of all Dirtbags @"aerisdead"#116
  • - I forget which awesome forum member runs but it rules.
  • - @"Kimimi"#156 the game eating monster
  • - Fab forum friend: @"rejj"#455
  • - The original Rain Jerk:
  • - @andrewelmore local expert on many things
  • - And me (fun content not guaranteed) @"antillese"#59
  • Follow, boost, like, subscribe, re-post, favorite, up-vote, un-blog, and share your other activity pub nonsense to ween us all off that Twitter nonsense!


    which awesome forum member runs @PlayStationPark

    That would be the mighty @Rlan

    I'm on there sometimes