Cool parents

I‘m gonna be such a rad dad that I’m going to start an Instagram account called RadDad where I only post pictures of my kids and me doing cool ass shit.

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I appreciate everyone's answers here, even if you all unanimously rejected my question!

I'll guess I'll share more about my own family because why not.

When I was a teenager and started to be more interested in music, I went through a bit of a Led Zeppelin phase. At some point my dad was like "You should talk to my mom about that." So the next chance I was at my grandmother's house (she lived in a different city about 4 hours away from us) I mentioned I liked Led Zeppelin and she got extremely excited and started gushing about Robert Plant and Jimmy Page for 2 hours. It turned out that when my dad was a teenager and Led Zeppelin was culturally relevant and not something only old men liked, my grandmother started listening to them to have something to talk about with him. My dad grew out of Led Zeppelin, but my grandmother never did.

Similarly, she had an encyclopedic knowledge of the Ramones because my younger uncle was very into punk rock.

And I guess to continue this to me, she's the only one of my family members who has shown any curiosity about "that weird Asian stuff" I'm into. She watched Farewell My Concubine and Platform on my recommendation! So I think my grandmother is pretty cool, despite my dad and uncle definitely not thinking so. They always make jokes about how old their parents are whenever they're together. So I guess this reinforces the points everyone's making!

A lot of this thread reminds me of the good videogames vs cool videogames question from the podcast a couple weeks ago haha

Cool parents is when your parents like sonic

@“穴”#p99620 Yeah, but good parents don’t let you play Sonic.

~(~(My kids do like Sonic. Sonic Mania is a favorite but it's too hard. And Sonic and Mario at the Olympic Games is another favorite. So I’m objectively not a good dad.))


Your grandma is definitely cool.

Yeah no cool parents here either. I cherry picked the cool things my dad was into. Loud stereos, some movies, some tv shows, some music, appreciation of nature, a general interest in science and technology. But as a result of him being a right-wing, homophobic, casual racist, self-centered, often boring, aggressive, closed minded, and somewhat paranoid person I became who I am by rejecting those things (my mom is just paranoid and ultra conservative, but pretty sweet if you keep the topics on track). He worked 15 hour days and spent the weekend working on the house, while my mom was a dry well for knowledge or inspiration or kept my older sisters from fighting. Most of my friend's parents were like this too (sensing a pattern here with midwestern boomers…)

I feel I was very delayed emotionally and skillfully as a result of my upbringing.

As a kid I was usually left alone to play my games and avoided the family, which did expose me to more concepts and stories at least. We only had over the air TV so I watched a lot of PBS and re-runs of The Simpsons and afternoon cartoons. Very little help, engagement, emotional support or encouragement in school as well. Thanks to friends, during 11th and 12th grade I started watching more anime, started listening to 80s prog rock, heavy metal and punk, and started branching out into movies about something other than explosions and cheap gags. I pretty much casted off my parents as people who I don't really like but I have to associate with (though I tended to avoid them in general). Also, I rejected Christianity and was kinda angsty, but that's a white boy, early 00's high schooler for you. After college I grew, lightened up and cast off as many hang-ups as I could to be a more mindful and happy person, but my parents are still the same as ever. Uncool and unwavering with their close-minded world view.

On the plus side, I'm going to try harder with my own son as a result. I want to spend time with him, and I don't want any artificial barriers for him and let him express himself without fear of rejection. Obviously I want to keep him safe, but I don't want to delay his life by sheltering him from concerns that are unreasonable fabrications. And sure, I'll show him some stuff that I like and it would be cool if he was into it and we could enjoy it together, but it's all about opening the doors for him and letting him decide the path to walk with as little emotional baggage as possible.

I want to be a cool parent, but I also want it to be a secret revelation when he's in his thirties.

feeling baited by this thread lol

my dad is my best friend.

explaining that is a very long story, like my whole life story, and full of crazy traumatic events. I would take a bullet for the man.

you know the term "cool" is so subjective. what even is cool
To me, "cool" is defined instantly by a single image:
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~(is *this* your dad?)

If you mean celebrity parents, like exodus' *George Lucas* example, yeah uh *hollywood parents blow fart chunks, dude*. Their kids are raised by a *Life Coach*. That's why I have a problem with "cool".

a lot of kids with hippie parents grow up to be punks who like guns.

@“treefroggy”#p99638 yeah I definitely did not mean hollywood parents lol. everything you have said about your dad on this forum has led me to believe he is very cool! the word “cool” is of course meaningless, and everyone is free to interpret it as they will. i tend to use it to mean “interested in lots of non-mainstream stuff”, though there are of course many other types of cool, and good taste is arguably one of the least important forms of cool.

@“saddleblasters”#p99641 I see, well now I feel that the baiting has been confirmed! :stuck_out_tongue:

I‘ll have you know there’s a draft with your name on it, bucko

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he truly fits the term 先生 … he came before me, lol

I'm getting flashbacks to where he was a forum member. I'm not a thirteen year old anymore so I don't think he'll be joining this forum though.

**All the parents on this forum are certified cool parents!**


@“穴”#p99541 Her parents where like the stereotypical punks who got old

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As a child, I never thought my parents were cool. As an adult in his 40's I thoroughly enjoy hanging out with them. They're not "socially cool" people or whatever, but they're cool to me! We can sit around with a glass of wine, or a whisky, or a pot of tea and just hang out and talk and oops, the whole day has already gone by.

@“treefroggy”#p99642 well, I had three people in mind specifically when I made this thread, and you were one of them. I will not say who the other two are</s>~

@“treefroggy”#p99638 I dunno, he picked her up from school at least!

my dad, who basically can‘t function any dual analog stick games, has picked up elden ring after watching my little brothers play it this holiday. he has constructed a PowerPoint with screenshots of a controls guide that he keeps open on his alt monitor. Lol.

I don’t think this satisfies your “cool” condition but, I love it!

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@“dicegame”#p99665 Your dad is obviously rad which is totally different from being cool. It’s like Pokémon types.

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Something that we seem to be cycling around in the conversation here is that the cool parent who is the one who can continue to expand their horizons even after they have children. The one who doesn‘t become pathetically convinced that culture was better when they were young, or who doesn’t dismiss the things their kids are into as garbage.

I dunno my parents where some very cool NYC people when they were young and then had kids and began a rapid slide into 80's stranger danger white flight paranoia and trying to recapture some lost childhood by moving us to the suburbs nonsense. My dad is long dead (rest in piss) but my mom has eventually come around to being cool again by being a person who has actual interests in here old age, even if it is mostly crime fiction and historical melodrama. We are able to talk as adults about our interests without doing the dance of talking about nothing so as not to offend a reactionary parent who wants to make the conversation all about themselves and their world view.

I grew up playing co-op shooters with my dad. That was pretty cool…

Halo, Conflict Desert Storm…

I would hand him my controller when he died in game and needed reviving, I couldn‘t handle the pressure.

His yard work outfit was a Mortal Kombat t-shirt he got from working at Toys R Us. From a 2023 perspective that’s pretty sweet.

@“BluntForceMama”#p99715 My dad has a complicated relationship with video games. I barely touch FPS since 3rd grade, but he a huge Halo phase, (pre-halo 3) which I never had, because the rednecks where I grew up were all so obsessed with it while I was being called names for playing animal crossing, katamari, etc.

The greatest co-op gaming memory I have with my dad was playing Gradius V