Cool Winter Stages

Christmas is coming up, so let's talk snow stages in games. What are your favorites? What are most iconic?

Some starters:

**Diamond Dust Zone, Sonic 3D Blast**

**Ice Cap, Sonic Adventure**

**Steep Slope Sliders, SEGA Saturn**

**Planet Freon, Ristar**

**Frozen Bell. NiGHTS Into Dreams**

**Ice Land, Super Mario Bros. 3**

**Cool, Cool Mountain, Super Mario 64**

Loving the ‘Halloween is over and now we’re selling Christmas decorations’ energy of this thread.

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The PS1 version of Colin McRae Rally 2.0’s Sweden stages are my all-time favourite winter stages. I don’t think any game, racing or otherwise, has better captured the open, cold, quiet bleakness of a snowy day in the middle of nowhere.

It’s annoyingly difficult to find any screenshots or videos that aren’t gross upscaled emulations or taken from the atmosphere-free Windows port, so just go and play the thing at the proper resolution on a PlayStation for yourself.


Does the entirety of Shenmue count?

Of course I gotta go with bonk‘s revenge, for the music and the ability to jump on the aurora borealis. I don’t remember the music cutting out like this though.

Here is the music by itself for your listening enjoyment.


and also all of MGS1 up to the lava room at the end

Super Mario Galaxy is a Christmas game because of the brief opportunities for ice skating

so is Bayonetta 1, despite the fact that it doesn't have any ice levels: _every_ level is an ice level with Odette!

for a real example, Persona 4 Golden added some nice winter-specific music and ||a ski trip||

Haters be darned, I love 1080 snowboarding for N64

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I played animal crossing more than I got to experience snow as a kid, so one day I was up walking through snow in maine and I realized the sound it makes as you walk on snow in animal crossing for gamecube is real and depending on the phase the snow is in, you're really crunching around town.

I played Klonoa 2 for the first time this year and while it‘s winter stage (Mtns. Of Mira Mira) is mostly pretty good, it’s the song that I've been obsessed with ever since.

a personal favorite

Sagarmatha, featured in the original Wipeout but preferably the version of it as appearing in Wipeout 3 Special Edition:

(yes, I know that is a pretty bad lap. I haven't played for _ages_ and just loaded it up to capture some footage real quick)

Winter Gunsport

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Certainly not a favorite, but memorable for me as it‘s the farthest I ever got in Battle Toads arcade before running out of mommy’s quarters at Skate Land (might've even just picked up where someone else left off)


i also really like going to fire level of mega man x when it‘s all frozen. i’m sure there are other good examples of this kind of thing that i just can't remember

Pokke Village, and by extension the entire beginning and first area of Monster Hunter Portable 2nd (🇺🇸Freedom 2) & 2ndG (🇺🇸Freedom Unite).


@“captain”#p90742 so is Bayonetta 1, despite the fact that it doesn’t have any ice levels

Well, **Bayonetta 2** [does happen during Christmas!]( Although not much is done with it. On that note, a great Christmas & winter weather city vibes game is of course **Parasite Eve**. It’s hard to pinpoint a specific stage but I guess Central Park is where you feel it the most.

The Narshe village segment of **Final Fantasy VI** is also a great candidate for darker, harsher winter vibes.

My most memorable ice stage (besides Mario 64) would be the South Pole level of **Quackshot**, due to the fact its soundtrack is a frequent personal ear-worm. Canonically not happening in Winter, however.
[size=9]**Caution:** I am not responsible if you also get this melody stuck in your head for the next 30 years.[/size]

Gotta give some love to the Ice Castle area in **Monster World III** as well.

And the whole Area 5 from **Ganbare Goemon 2**.

@“treefroggy”#p90757 1080 is a great game. It demands technique.


Bayonetta 2 does happen during Christmas!

And **NO ICE SKATES!** [size=7]grumble grumble........[/size]


I have this memory of going into GameStop sometime (in what must have been late 2005) and playing Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow at the DS demo station. I don't know if it was the full game or a prepared demo but it had you running around the first area, which looks nice and wintry. I think it's too bad the winter theme doesn't last very long.

The game came out in October but I think the demo station was still up around late November. Felt like "the winter holiday season" outside the mall.

The “snow” in the new God of War game looks like CHALK. That‘s what you can expect from a cali-based studio, can’t be bothered to so much as hit up the back lot of a skating rink for texture research. 0/10