Cool Winter Stages

Also: look at this. Look at that. The outdoor rinks here don‘t open until December, and it’s really only the one until things get cold enough for the unrefrigerated ones in January. Crazy. I never would have thought it possible.

@“connrrr”#p91450 I wonder how the snowy crunch will sound

@“connierad”#p91489 very important point

My friends and I used to play a 007: Nightfire multiplayer a lot. We made our own multiplayer mode set in the map Skyrail, a snowy ski lodge in the mountains. [upl-image-preview url=]

Two people would play on the same team vs. an entire team of bots. We had all the settings dialed in for maximum good-times. The most important setting were the bots. The bots had a variety of different AIs - some were horrible, others challenging, and one was overpowered, deadly to face alone. I'll dub that bot The Terminator. The map weapon set was the sniper setting, gadget vehicles on (I forget what these are called in game, but there were little briefcase turrets and small helicopters you could remote control). The goal was to get more kills than the other human player. This rule set allowed a surprisingly replayable strategy to develop. Chase down the easy targets, keep an eye on your back for the challenging ones, and run like heck when The Terminator shows up… or set aside the competition for a moment to try and take him down together.

We matched bot skins with AI personalities. The Terminator was always Astronaut Bond.
[upl-image-preview url=]
It was hilarious and surreal to be terrified of catching a glimpse of this guy running across the snow towards you.

This game is... not good. The times we had playing this mode though were great. A quick internet search reveals [we weren't the only ones ]( something like this in mind.

An entire video about this topic:](https://)

The initial start of Planet Freon is one of my favorites from Ristar just because of the little skiing bit before gameplay starts, then to have the mini boss fight at the end of the first part be a snowball fight is just plain fun. I'm not a huge fan of all the slippery sections as they can be a hassle, but its a really pretty set of stages that I still enjoy despite that.

I need to commit to playing some of the snowy wintry games from my backlog before spring hits, which means at least (and at last) D2 and The Long Dark. I think I can squeeze out those two in time. Some others:

  • - maybe Metro 2033 Redux
  • - uhh, ***Fahrenheit**?*
  • - uh um ***Nagano Winter Olympics '98**???????*
  • What are some other games that are front-to-back or nearly so made of winter stages?

    @“connrrr”#p100142 mario and sonic at the olympic winter games

    @“NoJoTo”#p100245 I ain't played any of those. Can I make Shadow luge?

    I CAN


    The Thing for PS2/Xbox was mostly winter stages with a few stages taking place in bunkers, but I think even those were penetrated by the elements for the most part. I haven't played it in probably 20 years at this point so I don't know if it has aged well or not.

    BotW is at its best as a survival sim and I remember the Gerudo Highlands being the first of the extremophile areas of the map I got to early in my first playthrough. I was still learning how the game worked and using all of my scant resources to stay alive up there after somehow finding the stamina to climb to it. My favourite time I've had with the game still.

    Playing the game over hoping to feel that feeling again is only [chasing the dragon](

    It has not snowed here in weeks and I am desperate for some wintry video game stages.

    Vigilante 8 2nd Offense - Utah

    You can compete in various winter Olympic events

    @“treefroggy”#p146845 I knew it was only a matter of time before you posted this one. Yosyonke is so good! The music sounds like a gentle snowfall with its descending harp over big strings. You can kick the can into the garbage and get 200 zenny. If you hop on top of the duck, you can skate around town by kicking and the duck goes wenk every kick. It's a big open zone to slide around on your jetskates, too, and go off sick jumps. One of the great chill zones, literally and figuratively.

    @“kyleprocrastinations”#p146867 brother I have been posting yosyonke in every thread because it is everything

    As a seven year old I was scared to enter dungeons or combat so I spent probably 5 or more hours just exploring this tiny village, and figured out _all that stuff_ by just experimenting. You can also kick the snowman and grab the remains which is just his bucket 🪣 and slide it around town.
    What’s really funny is on this, my first play through in 20 years, I was able to do all the things (like going through the back door of the junk shop) in just a few minutes, and now the rest of the 99% of the game lays before me, mostly unfamiliar territory. I would enjoy soaking it up even if this was my first time, but Idunno how likely I would be to have started playing it again if it wasn’t for those memories.

    I love this new track for SMB1 in Mario Maker 2.