Creativity Software

Using a piece of painting or programming or music software on PC feels like a given. But then we have your Mario Paints, your RPG Makers, Little Big Planets, SmileBasics, My Home Dreams … and others!

I wanna hear about your other known drawing/music/programming/ etc software across all platforms! Anything where a primary use case is making something!

First comment, so I get to say Kidpix before anyone else haha!

I specially had KidPix Deluxe for Windows 95/98!

I remember other stuff like some Crayola software around 1999.

My favorite of al time in this category is Pixel Amaya's audio suite: PXTONE!... Well, tied with TRIPPY H (Hip Tanaka's Gameboy Camera DJ minigame/actually fully loaded chiptune tracker/looper) T*by F0x and me would send eachother compositions over AIM when we were in middle school, lol.

@“treefroggy”#p147897 Kid Pix runs pretty well on Basilisk II on psp. The Spanish language mode was how I learned the way 0-9 and A-Z were said in Spanish back when I had it on our mac. Those voice clips are thoroughly encoded in my mind. “Dobl-a-uu”

Susan Kare, the pixel artist who designed all the icons for kidpix and mac os, is probably the single most significant american pixel artist.

@“treefroggy”#p147897 I had a feeling you would mention TRIPPY H.

I had a lot of fun with two pieces of DS software - Korg DS-10 and Jam Sessions.

I'm quite fond of any game on Wii U or Switch (Splatoon, basically) that lets you draw and post dumb drawings. I even went out of my way to get a high-ish end stylus for Switch and a palm-rejection glove to do this with.

I've also been taking tutorials on Nanoloop 2 since that's built into Analogue Pocket and I didn't want to let it go to waste!

I always thought the motion controls on “standard” controllers (i.e. non-wiimotes) were underutilized. When I went through a period of a few weeks messing around with Dreams, the thing that impressed me the most was that I was able to operate this sophisticated piece of software with nothing but a PS4 controller. The reason this works however is that you use the controller as a pointer essentially. If you were limited to just the analog sticks, it would be way more unwieldy. Similarly, I've heard a lot of people on this forum yearn for Splatoon style motion controls for all console FPSes. I wonder what the world would be like if the Wii never existed and the Sixaxis was what popularized motion controls? I feel like the Wii made everyone think motion controls have to be this big loud thing instead of a more subtle feature that quietly makes certain inputs easier and more natural. I can imagine another world where more Dreams-like software becomes commonplace on consoles due to the ease-of-use motion controls provide.

edit: i actually wanted to post this in [the dualshock thread](, but i had both of these threads open at the same time, and part of my thought process came from this thread, so i guess it's fitting i accidentally posted here