E3 is over! We can all let out a collective sigh of relief that we made it through the announcements, release dates, gameplay, and whatever the hell Capcom‘s thing was. Here’s ten games that made me feel things. . . .

definitely into smt V as well, and the art in unpacking is very appealing to me. Looks like early-mid 90's clean-line mac graphics like glider pro. Def an under-utilized sensibility imo

Nice write up! This is the first time I've followed an E3 closely since in the past I was either playing 95% indies or 95% E-sports games that demanded all of my time.

I'm realising that articles like this are pretty neat for placing games within context. I haven't played any silent hill or resident evil, so I miss a lot of quality because I don't have the mental architecture to appraise things like Signalis. Then I look at it again and wow this looks cool as hell. Then I look at my steam wishlist and it's already there, added on the 4th of March last year when I was better at appraisal. Truly a tale in 3 acts.

Quite excited for SMT V as well, I didn't buy the nocturne HD release since I have it on my ps3 but seeing people post screenshots of it has me hankerin for some demon demolition. That Japanese trailer sure was something.

nice! a couple of these had flown under my radar

Metroid 5 looks cool. I like the design of the Boston Dynamics-inspired robot dog enemy. It does indeed fill me with… Dread.

Curious to know how the stealth stuff will play out. I'm really not a fan of stealth games in general, but I didn't hate the sneaking sections in _Metroid 1's_ GBA remake.