Crows: Burning Edge

Has anyone played this PS4 game? I don't know anything about the anime/manga but the PS2-esque aesthetics and clunky brawler style really pique my interest.

@“Syzygy”#p53786 Can't believe I never played this back in the 90s!

@“Fran”#p53783 damn, i love the character designs in that clip. it makes me think of the trailer park boys, because they're both about the bottom rung of society, and then i get to imagining a yakuza game set not in kamurocho but some terrible trailer park instead. what would the soundtrack to such a game sound like?

this chain of thoughts all because the guy in the wife-beater is like a japanese version of my oldest and most doof-headed friend.

Looks like a lower quality Yakuza fight almost. You could take the plunge!

CROWS: The battle action is indeed an insert credit-y game, but it's also prettttttty boring to actually play. the moveset is incredibly small and overall it's long and repetitious. it's about an hour and a half (without dying), and really nothing much changes during that time. you can pick up some objects but can't move with them when you've got them. animations are super slow. weapons are few in type and largely the same in operation. and bosses are so much faster than you. all the player characters are quite similar, and the combo builder, while a good idea, doesn't do a lot in practice. By the end of the game you wind up with something approaching a normal brawler moveset - until then you've gotta contend with single punch, single punch, single punch. It's got a fun look but to play it is just kinda an effort in endurance. it's one of those "how much can you stand before you get bored" kinda games. (it is also of course notoriously expensive)