Cyber Stadium Series

The last episode of the Show (141) mentioned the classic Nintendo Entertainment System game Cyber Stadium Series—Base Wars. It's notable for being the only game in the Cyber Stadium Series.

Other than baseball, what sports would fit well under the Cyber Stadium Series banner?

Note: I'm also only now learning from the [manual ]( the idea of robots playing baseball started in the 24th century because human player salaries were getting too high! This raises a lot of questions. is this just automation, or are these robo-scabs?

I think robot tennis could be cool. they could call it ‘battle tennis’ and instead of tie breaks the robots would do some hand to hand combat. I'd want there to be a ranked top 100 battle tennis robots, each with distinct personalities and appearances.

Around the same time as Konami, SNK pleaded adamantly in favor of cybersports (as well as a somehow more optimistic sports year than what really happened) with 2020 Super Baseball and Soccer Brawl. Both games feature cyborg athletes. 2020SB also features robots.


Both Konami’s and SNK’s baseball games seem inspired by the famous « rugball » arc in *Space Adventure Cobra*.


Meanwhile, Soccer Brawl might have been inspired by Cauvin & Bilal’s *Hors-Jeu* (1987). So obviously football/soccer would be a good fit as well.


However, I suspect the true reason this trend emerged is the success of Robocop and the hype surrounding the release of Terminator 2.

For instance, when Video System ported Super Volley’91 from the arcades to the Super Famicom in 1992, they thought it would be completely normal to add this Hyper Mode.

The truth is I’d play any sports game with robots, cyborgs and androids. We got Rockman Soccer / Mega Man’s Soccer in the heyday of J.League hype in Japan. Why, I ask you, couldn’t we get Rockman Tennis, Rockman Lacrosse, Rockman Golf or Rockman Pétanque as well? Would you say « No thanks » to any of these games?

Also, it’s slightly offtopic because the performers are not cybernetic athletes and rather *übermenschen* in this case, but big up to Numan Athletics who took the issue of state-sponsored doping in international athletics to its logical extreme.

this kind of looks like the definitive answer here - and as an aside, I'm not sure if these folks are robots as well as ninja… I always thought they were

personally I'd like to see more BRAND NEW sports featuring robots, doing things only robots can. Like trying to dig to the earth's core or something.

We could also talk about the worst sports games with robots in them, like hot blooded legend base baller, a broken baseball rpg for pc engine which has a heck ton of robots in it

your team is all robots until you find the other legendary baseball people

Since we are doing humans here are is a game that really should be in that other thread


Mecarobot Golf (but not Serizawa Nobuo no Birdie Try)


that mecharobot golf thing is hilarious to me. They were just like… well… we don't have the license for that guy, so….

@exodus#3288 and that they only changed the guy, not the background or anything so it's just a robot having a relaxing afternoon.

I mean… sign me up!!!

Pete Sampras Tennis '96

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@“hellomrkearns”#p3275 Mecarobot Golf

Super Probogolfer

I JUST remembered Cyber Dodge

It's notable because if I didn't know better I'd swear it was in the cyber stadium series

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the JP and US (Powerball) versions are apparently quite different

and it got remade on PS1 in Namco Anthology 1:
[upl-image-preview url=]

@“bankbank”#p96868 and here I thought only Namco anthology 2 had remakes! Dang!

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