Am I accidentally deleting some of my posts somehow?

If I deleted my first post in Driving and racing games are fun! I definitely didn't mean to.

Can I un-delete them? I can still see them.
They just have [deleted] instead of my name at the top of the posts when I look at them.

Interesting. If I hit the little delete option next to edit on a normal post I get the ability to restore, but on these [deleted] ones I have a delete button.

Are my takes on racing games too hot for IC? 😀

Mysteries upon mysteries! I went back to look at one of the old [deleted] posts, and it shows my name again!

Hmm, if you DIDN‘T hit delete, indeed, we can look into it?? Nobody with the power to do so deleted it on your behalf if you’re worried about that!

While we‘re all here, I’m finding that if I embed two YouTube videos in a post, then edit it, the first of the two videos becomes ‘unavailable’ when I try to play it. Doesn‘t matter if I then replace the video with something else, the first video will always give the YouTube ’unavailable' error. This happened in the Racing Games and Fake Guitar threads.

AND ANOTHER THING there's no link to the forum on the homepage, but maybe that's by design?

In terms of deleting posts, I‘ve seen some posts that people have deleted that appears to have been by accident. I had assumed people were accidentally clicking the delete button, or pressing delete and rewriting a post instead of just editing their post. I will try to keep an eye on it. (There’s a bunch of updates coming next month which might address a lot of issues)

@billy#6086 With the embedding I'm not exactly sure what is happening. I don't know if it's related to forum software or how youtube load embeds. I would try reloading the page. Your videos always appeared okay for me.

There will be a link to the forum on the home page in the future. We're currently in the process of redesigning the homepage so it'll be added once that goes live. It was suppose to happen already, we've just been a bit delayed. We didn't bother adding it to the old site, because we want to sunset it and stop tweaking and updating it.

OH!! I have totally seen that unavailable video thing, I wind up having to click through to YouTube to watch it. I was wondering what made that happen. I'll experiment with that and see if editing is what does it.

The unavailable thing has nothing to do with the forum as I understand it. When people upload videos they can choose to make not be allowed to be embedded anywhere else, or block it by country, etc. I see this a lot across the entire internet!

When I said the videos always appear okay for me, I mean they load the embed. Sometimes when I click to play they won't play for the various reasons. Your region (among other things) will certainly effect the amount of videos that will play correctly.

@shane#6128 If I replace the ‘unavailable’ video with any other video, even one that worked in another post, it will then show as unavailable. I'm sure that the videos worked until I edited the posts.

Possibly something to do with ads rather than post edits? The video will play in an embedded player until it's flagged to play an ad (which won't work in an embed), then it's unavailable?

@billy#6129 Hmmmmm. Strange! I‘m not entirely sure then! With embeds, you can’t really modify them in any meaningful way. So I'm not sure why that would be happening.

Does Flarum have a proper issue tracker, or are you just supposed to use their forum?

@Blrb#6157 Sure! It's on Github.

Figured out what was up with those youtube videos. Should be fixed now. If you see it again please let me know!

@shane#6168 Oooooo it's in flarum/core, not flarum/flarum. ta

@shane#6094 oh no no more gp32 posts outside of

maybe I don't know what sunset means!

Hmm, I‘m torn about it - we kept it in because we were worried about spamming more or less. doesn’t seem to be a problem with active moderation etc, but I wonder - maybe we should just make it older? I am bringing posts back from the dead all the time and it doesn‘t bother me but maybe that’s because I know it's coming!

that‘s a good point - okay, we’ll look at that!

[edit] we got rid of it. thanks!

I‘m reviving this thread because it’s the closest one to an all-purposes technical problem thread, and every thread being posted to right now has this weird “awaiting approval” status that greys out the posts and puts a gavel on the thread itself. I‘m guessing this is a feature meant to prevent reviving discussions that have been dead for months except it’s glitching out and treating every thread like it's being brought back from the grave.

Haha I saw that yesterday and thought I got banned. I had one of my posts eaten but then it seemed to resolve itself.

I updated the forum software yesterday and re-enabled a plugin that required approval for posts for a few hours by accident. It should be gone now, and you shouldn‘t see it anymore! If that’s not the case please let me know.

If this is the technical thread I would like to ask for at least optional emoji replacement, I'm a huge fan of classic plain text :slight_smile: and :frowning: smileys and the emoji versions of those feel a bit heartless/cold.