Delightful Deception: My First Ten Hours With Dungeon Encounters

Hey it‘s me again. I’ve been busy living life to the most full the whole virus thing will allow. I played Dungeon Encounters. . . . I don't want to make any grandiose statements but as of writing it might be my favorite RPG of 2021. Granted this is 2 days before SMTV comes out…… Check a look and share with your friends:

@“Privately_Attack”#p47908 i've been hearing about it on axe of the blood god and it sounds like exactly my sort of thing.

I‘ve been thinking about getting this, I was kinda turned off by the barebonesyness – as it seemed like an RPG that’s all mechanics and no character (of the gameplay, not the party members) – but I've seen a lot of YouTube and Twitter praise for the game by people who have similar tastes as me. I really enjoyed this review and it might tip me over into buying and playing eventually. That is, once I finish Bravely Default II and/or NEO: TWEWY.

also _"Target is going to be something out of Shin Megami Tensei because you kill god at the end"_ was great.

@“Privately_Attack”#p47908 I failed you by not participating in this thread but my cold pizza feedback and review of Dungeon Encounters, a game which I became obsessed about for a few weeks, can be summarized deceptively simply.

① Imagine a dungeon crawler on the Nintendo DS, ② but you are not allowed to see the main screen and must rely on the subscreen to imagine what’s happening above, ③ but the game progressively gives you all the tools necessary to draw the mental image of that top screen in your head.

If that sounds tedious and needlessly cumbersome, you’d be most likely correct. If that sounds like an exciting intellectual exercise, there is a good chance you will love this game.

It‘s funny how I was expecting Voice of Cards to provide the exact experience Dungeon Encounter gave me, while Voice of Cards being a bit of a flop after all. I approached Dungeon Encounters almost by pure chance, I wanted to play something over the weekend, it was on discount and a friend told me Hiroyuki Ito was involved, that’s all I knew about the game.

I ended up putting 25 hours into the game that weekend alone. I love the crossword, almost Picross-like puzzles, the extremely clean and simple battle system, the liberty the game gives you with the passive and movement skills. It's a game so discrete, austere and sober it manages to undersell itself in a lot of ways, only to be pleasant and constantly surprising by the low-key intelligence of the whole thing. Deceptively simple sounds about right, for sure.

I like the description given by @"chazumaru"#p49986 here a lot. It's a game that is all about a single mantra "do the most with the least". Even the soundtrack reuses and incorporates a lot of classical compositions presented via cool electric guitar. It's like eating something that looks like plain white rice, then you realize and get all sorts of subtleties in the flavour.