Demonschool Demo for Xbox

Just played through the demo that Brandon mentioned in episode 295. I'm really excited for Demonschool to come out, and was delighted to give it a shot on a thing I own. I figured enough of us would check out the demo to warrant its own thread

The visual style is great. There are times that art or color schemes really carry me through an otherwise ok game, and there are other times where I feel discouraged from playing a game I otherwise like because of art that doesn't please me. My first impression from the first trailer of Demonschool was that I could tell that I'd enjoy hanging out with these visuals, and I feel the same way having just played the demo. Ditto the music, though I'm not sure I could wax poetic about it. I _love_ the character designs too. Faye's outfit is great, and I can't get over Destin's short shorts

I found the battle system to be concise and easy to understand in the demo. I didn't read or try to dissect too many of the attack descriptions for the characters, but I was comforted to know I'd have that kind of information spelled out along the way. The pushing enemies into each other or into your other party members was something I was aware of going into the game, but sort of stumbled on by accident in battle. I'm looking forward to exploring more of that mechanic, and I feel the way you plan out each action with the ability to undo the whole turn makes it feel really easy to plan out an effective turn, similar to the turns in Transistor. The restraint of the movements is really cool too; it feels more chessesque than anything I've done in a Fire Emblem. I believe there was mention of people comparing Demonschool to Into the Breach on first glance, and I get a strong impression that the two games do meaningfully different things with pushing mechanics on a small grid in a strategy (I guess?) game.

I'm a huge fan of the running around school segments too. Just feels fun to look at all the environments and hear what everyone has to say about a red backpack. I would qualify the greying out of dialogue that you've already heard as an excellent quality of life feature. I struggle to avoid talking to every person and examining every object in games, and it is immensely helpful to see that I've already interacted with something.

I admit that I did change the orientation of the directional pad to the grid. I admit that I am the person who sees a grid and my brain tells me that it's d-pad time. It took a minute, but I did switch to the analog stick after a bit, which I thought felt better.

I played a demo at PAX East and while I enjoyed the visual style, I hated the battle mechanics. It might have been that the PAX East Demo did basically nothing to explain itself so you just had to mess with it.