Demonschool thread

Thanks for posting that! The Linux build was live but a configuration error was stopping steam from being able to run it. The native Linux/steamdeck version should work now.


We have a bunch of profile bug fixes landed already- I’ll make sure this gets tested too - fingers crossed it’s already fixed! THANKS FOR THE REPORT 🩷


I am getting this error on macOS 14.5 even after reinstalling the demo. I can go into the steamapps/common folder for it and launch the game manually though.

I did try installing the game before the Mac build was ready when it said it would take zero bytes and maybe that’s what did it.


My pleasure and glad to be able to tell you it does!

And at a smooth 60fps too so far.


On the deck, game is running in 16:10 but when you pause the background reverts to 16:9 (confirmed it by changing the game to 16:9 and the image behind the menu didn’t change resolution). It happens regardless of game resolution as I tried on all of them.


This should be fixed now! You might have to restart steam first for it to pick up the config fixes


It does indeed work now! Thanks!!


You can use keyboard to navigate - we don’t have mouse navigation at all. Steam deck build is still coming.

@yeso I wasn’t thinking puzzle story modes at all, but that does make sense now that you say it! I was directly thinking of devil survivor and yakuza - they’re basically set up the same way. But I didn’t think about how they have similar structures to Puyo Puyo etc!

@Herb there will be key rebind in the final game! There will also be an option for how long you hold the y (or whatever) button to confirm attack phase etc. Sorry for the troubles!


On Windows the mouse does move around menus and battle but not outside of it. Left click confirms but right/middle didn’t do anything.

And deck is here. And enjoying it too!

the option for how long you hold a button for is already in the accessibility settings


That’s awesome. No complaints from me then. Heck of a game y’all got there.

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Hey folks! There’s a new update. Anyone who feels like it, please grab the update and try to break the menus again! We’re hopeful we’ve got them shored up. And if not, back to the 1 and 0 mines for lotte and shane.


Very excited to dig into the game, especially after missing the first demo window.

Playing on Mac, seems that some backgrounds don’t load in. Has happened in a couple areas now and seems to not be random.

Problem areas are: Town Square, Alley, Harbor.


wow Kurt really never misses, does he?

immaculate vibes on this one ~ Namako is my friend


I streamed 1h30min of Demonschool demo to my brazillian friends! I had a blast and they loved it! I left before finishing the demo because i want my friends to experience by themselves and i wanna play it on my TV too.
The gameplay is captivating, the art is gorgeous and the music is great.
Loved the hanging out-ness so far. The battle transition is sweet. My favourite npcs so far are the pompadour dudes. My favourite character so far is Namako! All my strategy was around her skills.
Can’t wait to buy this one!


Shoot! This isn’t supposed to happen in builds… Thanks for the note!

@DStrogen it’s true! He and I had a lot of back and forth about this before we found the groove, but we got there. We have an interesting collaboration I’d say.

@marxseny glad you enjoyed!! Wish we could afford to translate into Portuguese ;_;


If the game picks up momentum in here, i wouldn’t discard a fan translation after a while. It happens quite often!
Let’s hope it gets.


Updated on the deck and a running great. Also having left it in standby all night, it went right back into the game this morning without any issues!


Just played the demo and did one battle in the harbour after talking to the wife and yakuza. I’m not playing any more because I want to save it for the full release.

Excellently presented. What a luxurious game to immerse yourself in. Really enjoyed the planning iteration and while I didn’t get it all on the first battle, it gave me the feeling of being able to learn and peel back the layers over time.

If I can make one suggestion for the default keyboard layout (my controller didn’t want to turn on this morning (the dual sense via USB seems flaky)), can text advance go on E? I’m saying this without knowing why the decision was made to put it on enter but if you put it on E, you can play the game one handed. Also, maybe put the menu on tab as that also helps to play one handed.

I saw that keybinding is coming so whatevs, that was just my first reaction to the default layout.

Well done for making such a polished game and I’m very excited to play the full game.


The default layout for keyboard is definitely not set in stone. We just set it to whatever because everyone uses controller.