Demonschool thread

@Bbtone THANKS VERY MUCH for all this. Definitely some of these things we hadn’t seen, and I do like your idea about a “grey health” style projection of enemies killed. We definitely need to work on both informing players what a special does, and communicating how to use it (I still think it’s hard to figure out). It’s gratifying when people care enough to find bugs, but also still like the game while finding bugs! also I 100% want to do a puzzle battle DLC just as you described, it was one of my first thoughts. Unfortunately the game has to be Very Popular and Make Money in order for us to get there, so… uhhhhh tell your friends

@yeso @穴 adding an option to make the post-battle screen say “bless your hearts” (not actually)

@Death_Strandicoot technically they’re not from hell so faye isn’t even right to say it!!

@esper glad you enjoyed! also glad that being pushed caused to to figure things out rather than give up or other similar options.

I wrote most of this dialog while tired out of my mind, sick in japan, etc and I don’t remember almost any of it so I’m glad it’s working somewhat - but I do remember that week 9, the week you all got to play, is my 2nd least-favorite week out of the bunch at least in terms of scenarios, so I am HOPING that means the other ones are even more fun. wait til you hit weeks 7 and 6! (the game counts backward)


Heya! Loved the hour I played of the demo and will be grabbing DS day one, and this might be a dumb question, but which platform helps you folks out the most? Guessing Steam?

5 Likes would be the most! but I don’t think we’ll release it there, unsure. after that it doesn’t matter at all, they take an equal percentage of sales. But thanks for asking!


do y’all have a reason for not releasing on itch? just curious as someone who mainly buys from itch nowadays


I’m not sure we won’t, it’s just a guess. This is the first game we aren’t publishing ourselves so it’s up to the publisher mostly.


Demonschool shout-out in this week’s episode of RPG podcast Axe of the Blood God!


Ah, nice! Do you know about where in the episode?

Right around 53 minutes in. The episode title is “2024 So Far, Dawntrail and More!”

Edit: did this message reply to you @exodus? I might’ve mis-clicked. Still getting used to discourse!

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it didn’t, but even if it did it’s hard to visually tell with this! either way I saw it, so thanks!!

Demon’s Cool.


Maybe release is too far out to worry about this kind of thing, but has necrosoft or ysbyrd considered hitting up northernlion to stream the game on release? He’s got a big and relatively well-adjusted audience and he seems to prioritize independent strategy / tactical games when it comes to sponsored streams

We will send out review keys to streamers but it’s unclear how useful sponsored streams actually are, and they are quite expensive. So most likely we’ll get what we get and that’s gonna be it.

I understand, better to cast far and wide than to invest in any specific cabal of tentpole streamers

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yeah - I think if results were more reliable it might be something we’d try but so far of all marketing we’ve tried the best thing has been entering steam events, and those are free, so… honk

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I’m enjoying the Demonschool demo so far. The combat is incredibly elegantly well designed, although difficult because I’m still getting used to it. I’ve recommended it to my school’s game development club.

Two things I was curious about:

  1. Is the game fitted for 1080p screens? Playing in on a steam deck (800p/720p) makes the pixels do the ~1.5x scaling thing. Is that intentional or does the steam deck mess up the game’s scaling?

  2. What Engine/Technologies are you using to build the game and why did you choose them? Not sure if you’ve talked about this already, but I’m simply curious as a game developer myself.


  1. did you try the resolution options? I believe we have one that works for steam deck but that was someone else’s job to check.

  2. it’s in unity - the reason is because we started the project many years ago and unity was a better option then, and by the time they did all their nonsense it was too late to change. we will be looking at other engines for future games. one that we did intentionally choose and would use again is yarnspinner, which we use for our dialog and some cutscene movement. it attaches to most popular game engines now.

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Thanks for the reply!
As for resolution options, setting it to 540p seems to make the game scale properly, although it makes the game a little blurrier because it’s still running full-screen.

My preferred solution would be to run it at 540p windowed with black borders around the extra space instead of forcing full-screen, but steam decks don’t really like running games windowed. It’s an issue I’m sure most people won’t notice, but I thought I’d let you all know.

And I hadn’t heard of Yarnspinner, but it seems neat. Thanks for letting me know about it.

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I would absolutely notice this and it would drive me crazy. I just got my steam deck, so I played the demo on desktop. Blurry pixels would make me, I dunno, play the game on Switch instead, I guess (assuming the pixels are better there).

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The switch in handheld mode is also a 720p screen so I think it would run into the same issues afaik (assuming that the cause of the issues is from the screen resolution as I think it is).

Well, the Steam Deck has a 16:10 1280x800 resolution, so it’s a bit taller.